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news | LA MARTINA Polo campaign and TU STYLE editorials, photography by Marco PALUMBO

Marco PALUMBO photographed the new LA MARTINA campaign images in keeping with the brand’s philosophy, on location, outdoors and just inches away from a polo game. Ciapani & Toretti took care of the styling and art direction; meanwhile Alessio Giovanelli perfected the hair and make-up. In addition he photographed two spreads for TU STYLE Magazine in London. The first series was shot outside and is inspired by the Swinging Sixties; the second, a lingerie story, took place indoors with …

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news | MERT shoots for DELL and EYE WEAR MAGAZINE

MERT, represented in Italy by ANNE BISPING, photographed a race report for DELL and the Young & Rubicam agency, New York. Mert focused his lens on artists Salim Varol for EYE WEAR MAGAZINE.

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news | SCHMIDT & GORGES shoot two editorials for GRAZIA

Anne Bisping represents photographer duo SCHMIDT & GORGES (excluding Germany) who recently shot two spreads for GRAZIA magazine.

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news | Anne Bisping Production : triple serving of GRAZIA, VOGUE ITALIA ONLINE, YAMAMAY Swimwear Men 2013 campaign, GENTLEMEN’S REPORT, Bonnie Strange for EYEWEAR magazine and the PRO JUVENTITE campaign

We present several editorials by SCHMIDT & GORGES, who are represented in Italy by ANNE BISPING. They recently carried out a shoot in Paris for GRAZIA with Danish model Veneda Budny. Fashion Editor Nadya Khamneipur was in charge of the styling. Ida Dyberg posed for their camera for VOGUE ITALIA ONLINE. Isabelle THIRY c/o BIGOUDI perfected the look. The shoot took place on location at Château Courances by Paris. The duo shot additional editorials for GRAZIA, including a fashio …

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news | Anne Bisping Production : LAURÈL Spring Summer 2012 and editorials for GRAZIA, IO DONNA, SPRAY and PEEK & CLOPPENBURG magazine

Schmidt & Gorges are two Paris based photographers who have started to work as a team in 2010. We have attached their latest images for the LAUREL spring/summer 2012 look book shoot, featuring the beautiful Kathrin Thormann, Tabea Koesbach and Myrthe. You can also take a sneak peak on their website to check out the editorials they shot for magazines such as GRAZIA with model Elinor Tess, photographed on-location at the Caproni villa. They created a very graphic story in Paris for …

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news | Anne Bisping Production : FABI Couture Collection campaign, LUNA DI SETA lingerie and two editorials

Marco PALUMBO shot the current FABI couture collection campaign. The famous Italian shoe label was founded in Montegranaro, 1965 by Fabi brothers Elisio and Enrico with their wives Gina and Vilia. He photographed model Ekaterina dressed in flowing silks for Italian luxury lingerie label LUNA DI SETA. Luna di Seta pieces are made using 100% silk. Designer Cheryl B. Eman founded the label in Milan 15 years ago. We have also attached two editorials, which the photographer produced in London. …

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news | Anne Bisping Production : lingerie shoot with Playmate Lisa Tomaschewsky, COLLEZIONI BAMBINI, R+V INSURANCE image campaign

Marco PALUMBO was commissioned by the DP-advertising agency to photograph Playmate Lisa Tomaschewsky. Alessio Giovanelli took care of the hair and make-up; Ilaria Chionna styled the lingerie. The shoot took place in Milan. Daniela Pelagalli headed the art direction, Marco Credi was the AB, the client was VELMONT GROUP. Marco photographed mini professional models in designer clothes for COLLEZIONI BAMBINI. Alessio Giovanelli perfected the hair and make-up and Linda Calugi compiled the look …

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