news | Ansgar : lingerie for SOUS magazine and fashion shoot for FRESH FACES

Ansgar photographed a lingerie spread for Sous magazine in Munich in the studio, with the latest lighting technology provided by Dedo Weigert Film. Oliver Rauh was in charge of styling and Sigi KUMPFMÜLLER c/o FAME perfected the hair and make-up. Model Carmela Bonfiglio posed for Ansgar’s camera. Ansgar shot models Esmee, Elisabeth, Manuela and Bogdan at Barcelona’s spectacular W Hotel for FRESH FACES. This time round Marta Blasi and Ana Sanchez Peña were in charge of …

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news | Ansgar : fallen angel in JNC MAGAZINE, STOESS jewellery label, film and theatre people portraits

Ansgar photographed a fallen angel for an editorial in JNC magazine. He also realised the jewellery label STOESS' pieces in sensually elegant pictures. Finally, he portrayed film and theatre folk for Dieter Wedel: the female players of the Zwingerfestspiele, Fassbinder-veteran and director Ulli Lommel, as well as actress Teresa Weissbach.

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news | Ansgar : live from Paris Car Salon - the unique electro scooter study by MINI and Fresh Faces finalists for SALSA JEANS

Ansgar had to shoot under strict confidentiality until MINI's new eco-vehicle concept was finally revealed at London Fashion Week and the Automobile Salon in Paris: Electro Scooters! BMW subsidiary Mini presented three electro roller visions by Scooter E. Concepts: A basic concept, a luxury version called ‘Ego’ and a retro look. The Paris Motorcar Salon (until 17 October) will present the basic version as well as the ‘ego’ concept to stylish clientele. The third, r …

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news | Ansgar : 'My Light in Your Darkness' - lingerie editorial in SOUS MAGAZINE

Ansgar published a new lingerie series in SOUS MAGAZINE. In ‘My Light In Your Darkness’, he contrasts models with architecture, soft and hard shapes, light and shade. Oliver Rauh carried out the styling and Max Plaeth perfected the hair and make-up. ROSEMARIE c/o EAST WEST MODELS posed for the camera.

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news | Ansgar : international campaign for Victor / Victoria von NOVERO's innovative headsets

Photographer Ansgar realised the international campaign for Victor / Victoria by NOVERO’s innovative headsets. The technological accessories were fashionably photographed on specially designed sets. Andrea Scholtyssek headed the production, Oliver Rauh supervised the styling, Max Plaeth was in charge of the hair and make-up. Every hands-free kit in Europe provided by VW and Ford was produced Novero. The business also supplies car kits to its former subsidiary company Nokia. …

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news | Ansgar : new SCHILLER & GOETHE look book, exhibition in Lyon, Biennale Paris and SHIKAKUSHI magazine project

Ansgar photographed the look book of the new SCHILLER & GOETHE collection. Models Marina and Lisa L. posed in knitwear in autumnal shades, in a minimalist setting. Additional personal work and conceptual editorials were on show in an exhibition in Lyon. His Parisian gallery organised the show to coincide with the local Biennale. The collaboration with his Munich-based agency Markus Breuer is as fruitful as ever: their shared "Shikakushi" publication won a Red Dot Award. Shi …

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news | Ansgar : fashionable and fast for BMW/Sauber Team alias racing drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica

Usually, Grand Prix racers can only be seen walking around in racing overalls. To change this circumstance, BMW booked fashion and people photographer Ansgar, who gave the BMW/Sauber team drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica a fashionable overhaul. Despite the tight schedule, Ansgar realized numerous motifs. In an interview, speedy Nick revealed, how crazy he could go when it comes to photography. To him, capturing the right moment with a camera is similar to the concentration that is found i …

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