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GoSee loves : NEON - The Wind Cathedral, meditative Environmental Art im französischen Sancy Massif

The "Wind Cathedral” by NEON is a site specific and poetic architectural structure that uses the wind, movement and colour as a means of creating a connection between the exterior and interior. The project has been captured through the use of spectacular drone footage.

Architecture, art and design practice NEON has unveiled its latest project entitled "The Wind Cathedral” as part of this year’s Horizons exhibition in the Sancy Massif in France. The Wind Cathedral is a site specific, poetic and emotional architectural structure that both protects and shelters the inhabitant while also celebrating the forces of nature through a constantly changing interior space.

The Wind Cathedral is located at the village of Victor-Saint-la Riviere in the Sancy Massif in France and was constructed in June 2017 as part of the environmental art exhibition “Horizons”. The artwork is a site specific response to the Perdue cross (meaning the lost cross in English) which was placed in this location following the tragic death of a woman who become lost 200 years ago and ultimately perished in a terrible storm on the site. The Wind Cathedral surrounds this cross with an architectural space which recognises the story of the woman’s death and allows the visitor to contemplate our relationship with the natural world.

Concept - The Wind Cathedral uses the wind as a means of creating dramatic movement within the interior of the structure. This is achieved through a complex 3 dimensional fabric envelope composed of hundreds of wind sock inspired inflating pockets. The inflation of the envelope activates the interior and creates an ever changing space that breathes in and out with the flow of the wind. The volatility of weather on the site means that the space can shift in behaviour from moment to moment, one minute it is calm, the next moving violently. The Wind Cathedral's conical form is inspired by the volcanic landscape it sits within. From the inside, this repeating, primitive form allows the inhabitant to observe changes in wind direction.

Colour is used to add definition to the envelopes inflating pockets and offer a sense of “hide and reveal” when the wind changes the interior space. The colours that were selected were inspired by the stained glass windows that are often found in spiritual spaces. An oculus type opening sits in the centre of the form offering a window to the sky which, along with the sculpted dome-like shape of the interior, suggest some of the architectural qualities of a real life cathedral.

The Wind Cathedral’s primary structure is a tripod from which 30 tensioned steel rope lines radiate to the ground in order to stabilise the structure. The 30 wind catching sections sit between the radiating lines. Each of the sections is composed of 14 unique windsocks which are adjusted in width and depth to create the cone form on the exterior and the sculpted dome space of the interior. The artwork uses 500m of ripstop fabric and 14,000m of cotton thread in its construction and was fabricated by a team of 5 over a period of 1 month.

About Horizons is an innovative yearly event that combines Art and Nature around an open-air exhibition in a natural setting. Monumental artworks are made specifically for natural sites in the heart of the nature of the Massif du Sancy (Puy-de-Dôme). The exhibition runs from the 24th of June 2017 to the 24th of September 2017.

About NEON is an architecture, art and design practice that seeks to explore new territories between Architecture, Design and Art. Experienced at working at a wide range of scales, from small graphic pieces to large buildings, for NEON design is always a process of invention and discovery that grows from the client, the brief and the social, economic and technological environment. The result is a portfolio of work that is often surprising but always exiting, imaginative and original.
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Pirelli Calendar 2018 by Tim Walker & set designer Shona Heath captures the surreal world of dreams.... inspiriert von Alice in Wonderland & Black Power

Mit großem Knall präsentiert PIRELLI die Vorschau auf den 2018 Kalender, der von Starfotograf TIM WALKER umgesetzt wurde. Dieser holte schwarze Stars wie Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong'o oder Sean Diddy vor die Kamera und inszeneirte diese gewohnt detailverliebt vor surrealer Kulisse à la Alice im Wunderland. ALs Creative Director stand ihm Shona Heath beiseite. Die erste Ausgabe des Bildkalenders des italienischen Reifenherstellers erschien 1964. Im Laufe der Zeit wurde der PIRELLI Kalender zum Inbegriff von Erotischer Fotografie. Fotografen wie Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts oder Karl Lagerfeld gestalteten bisher den Kalender.

"His 12 months evoke the fable first published in 1865 by the English mathematician and writer reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the well-known pseudonym of Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Inspired by this fantastic narrative, Tim Walker's images are tableaux vivants full of allusions to unlikely situations, to illusory proverbs, cited with a constant reference to English culture. Many great artists, whenever they refer to this fairy tale, have in fact created a new version, Tim Walker and his interpretation are the last example, through images, apparently far from the most famous representations, featuring 17 characters from the world of fashion, music, cinema and the underground universe.

The artist behind the visionary sets of Tim Walker’s Alice is Shona Heath. Shona is one of Britain's leading creative directors and set designers, whose prolific work in fashion imagery has, for the last 15 years, encompassed disciplines such as photography, film making and fine art. Shona’s vision could be described as a play of scale and colour, a mix of handcrafted and experimental materials, always contemporary, with a feminine touch. Shona's passion for creative image making and storytelling comes foremost making her sets and installations memorable, whether in stills photography or film. She is happiest working and presenting fresh new ideas and brainstorming concepts of any kind right from the start of a project, right up until the physical execution, on which she is very hands-on with everything from set, costumes, styling and editing.

“There is an energy I want to bring to pictures; I want to believe in them as stories. If I fool myself, I have done my job. Set design is more like three-dimensional collage, making new stories and relationships with objects, colour, textures and places. Discovering how the three-dimensional turns into the two-dimensional, to somehow help capture the energy and put a lid on it, is like getting a fluttering moth into a jar.”  Weitere Infos zum Kalender direkt via PIRELLI.
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'The moment when a person changes into an image...' die klassischen Geschwister-Portraits der Finnischen Bild-Poetin Nelli Palomäki - als Ausstellung bei Gallery Taik Persons und als Preview auf GoSee

Gallery Taik Persons präsentiert die Ausstellung 'Shared' von Nelli Palomäki, erfolgreiche Absolventin der Helsinki School und Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. 'Shared' erkundet das komplexe Thema Geschwister, ihre menschlichen Beziehungen und familiäre Bindungen. Die Porträts zeigen Kinder und junge Erwachsene in verschiedenen Situationen und Konstellationen. Einmal Freund, einmal Feind engste Verbündete, stärkste Rivalen – die subtilen Hierarchien der Macht unter Geschwistern verschieben sich ständig. Eine herzliche Umarmung kann innerhalb von Sekunden in ein erhitztes Ringen umschlagen: Dies ist das geteilte Leben von Geschwistern.

Mit ihren Porträts ersucht Palomäki Facetten des Thema Geschwister in körperlicher, psychologischer und emotionaler Komplexität zu erfassen. Obgleich fast jedes Porträt im Vorhinein sorgfältig geplant und inszeniert ist, wird stets ein Element des Akzidentellen beibehalten, wodurch das Werk mit unvorhergesehenen Resultaten und Enthüllungen animiert wird und ein magisches Eigenleben trägt. Hierbei stellt der Akt des Posierens einen ausschlaggebenden Moment dar, in Palomäkis Worten, „der Moment, in dem ein Mensch sich in ein Bild verwandelt.“ Die Art und Weise, wie die Modelle sich selbst wahrnehmen und präsentieren bestimmt darüber, welche Geschichten anhand ihrer Porträts erzählt werden, ob beabsichtigt oder nicht.

"I deal with growth and our problematic way of seeing ourselves. I’m very much focused on the act of posing and on the moment when a person changes into an image. However there is a certain melancholy in my work, and I guess this is born from the miserable idea of time passing and us not being able to really go back to the moment. Through photography this becomes very concrete," wie sie in einem Interview den Sony Awards verriet.

Nelli Palomäki - Shared
Eröffnung: 30. Juni 2017, 18 – 21 Uhr
Ausstellung: 1. Juli – 9. September 2017
Gallery Taik Persons

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