news | ARTBOX artists illustrate world map for ING, 125 years of PARKER PENS, SPINAWARDS 2014 key visuals and LAND YACHTZ longboards

"Ever felt like the king of your own small world? Well, we’ve been feeling like that ever since we’ve created this worldmap for ING together with Ars THANEA and our designers at ARTBOX," the Amsterdam agency for illustration and animation comments on the current work for ING. The illustrated map of the world was used as the cover of ING MAGAZINE, with more uses to follow soon. Illustrator Pepijn BERGHOUT produced the bold key visual for this year’s SpinAwards 2014 …

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news | WER LIEFERT WAS – illustrator Carolyn RIDSDALE and animation artist Jurg NEVE, both c/o ARTBOX, produce the search specialist’s new campaign

WER LIEFERT WAS offers a professional and free of charge product and service provider search as an effective alternative to the usual search engines, promising users ‘find what you’re really looking for’. They took a funny approach to their multi media brand campaign, appealing to their users’ sense of humour, playing on words that had been misunderstood or taken literally by other search engines. VCCP Berlin commissioned Australian illustrator Carolyn RIDSDALE to help cr …

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news | Artbox : Check out their latest showreel on GoSee! The MOTION REEL 2014 features the best work of their artists and latest projects

Over the years Artbox has evolved from an artist representation agency to a full service production company. Their team of producers is dedicated to give each project, big or small, the attention it deserves. Next to making sure deadlines are being met and productions run smoothly, they also bring creative expertise and strategic insight to the table. In addition, Artbox is an international network organisation, maintaining close relationships with both the best artists and clients worldwide. …

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blog | Artbox News - FILM is coming up !

Artbox Motion Reel 2013. For more check out GoSee FILM - coming up next week.

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news | Artbox : creatives from across the globe join forces for new Wacom 'Make the World Your Studio' campaign

In cooperation with an international team of creative professionals, Dutch production company ARTBOX produced a 360 campaign to launch WACOM’s latest solution for creatives, the 'Cintiq Companion'. The integrated mix of media techniques that Artbox houses, combined with the ability to gather up an international team of professionals, were decisive for Wacom to work with Artbox. Wacom's newest tablet is a 13-inch mobile device that you can take wherever you go. It is light, mobile and ha …

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news | Artbox : RADIO2 commercial spot, WACOM spot and campaign, MEDIAMARKT at, GOODYEAR Service ‘fleet first’ key visual, ‘Zone5300 : Subterranea’ comic and a self portrait

N=5 agency commissioned KINGCOMA to design extremely cool and very musical music notes for Dutch radio station RADIO2’s current ‘Come Together’ campaign. The notes symbolise the street musicians the channel called on to create a duet. The logo design stems from an additional ARTBOX Artist : Theo Aartsma. Artbox tells GoSee, “When Wacom came to us requesting to work on their new worldwide campaign, we had to pinch ourselves. We had the exciting opportunity to work on th …

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news | Who beats a Lion? Artbox does! We announce a silver lion for the Pepsi campaign, for which the 3D illustration credit goes to Jurg NEVE. And we also present the reel by SERIAL CUT and NEW entry Cris WIEGANDT

PEPSI won everyone over in Cannes with artwork by Jurg NEVE c/o GoSee member ARTBOX. But let’s start at the beginning. What does a soft drink aim for? Yes, it should refresh the consumer. Ideally it should refresh the whole body, right up into the smallest vein. BBDO with CD Christian Mommertz developed the artwork idea, while Eva À Wengen carried out the art buying. The successful production received a silver award in the OUTDOOR LIONS category. On this occasion we are also ple …

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news | Artbox, Amsterdam : SERIAL CUT designs the logo for OFFF Festival, Mexico, goes multi coloured for HAVAIANAS, also NIKE, COLORIA and NESPRESSO Spain

The SERIAL CUT creative team delivered the artwork for the OFFF Festival in Mexico, concentrating on the initial letters M, E and X.: short but effective. MEX is therefore the magical word that, combined with familiar iconographic motifs, makes up the festival logo. The post-production festival takes place on 15, 16 and 17 August. The colourful world of HAVAIANAS – multi coloured, sexy full of fun and with that certain Brazilian feeling. Did you know that the history of the trendy …

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news | Artbox : presents the super-monster-hero animated film for NIKE China on GoSee

Question: what do you get if you combine comic illustration, superheroes, monster and tons of action and throw them into one crazy animated movie? Answer: something like this super-hero-monster film, produced for NIKE China, which we are delighted to present here on GoSee. Artbox on the development of the commercial spot: ‘we teamed up with our good friends at GreatGuns to create this exciting mix of comic illustrations and live-action. Backed by an amazing team of talented artists …

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news | Artbox : ExtraBold - 320 pages on 150 projects by the Madrid creative collective including augmented reality via a free App

ExtraBold. That’s the title of Serial Cut’s 320 pages book that bundles all their imagery, from the early years to the present time through more than 150 projects. But ‘Extrabold.’ is more than a book. Some pages recognise augmented reality technology, which can be used with the freely downloadable ‘ExtraBold’ App for iPhone and iPad and connects to a lot of extra virtual content. Serial Cut invited their nine favourite international artists/designers/studi …

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