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Alan Bonner music video release Heaven Knows

“The video was shot in and around Kreuzberg, the neighbourhood in which I have lived since arriving in Berlin from London a year ago, and directed by my dear friend and fellow musician Paul Diello. We wanted to capture a normal summer sunday afternoon in my life, spent drinking, laughing and fooling around with my friends. It is my boyfriend and a dear friend of mine who you see frolicking around with me in the video. There wasn’t much acting involved, Paul just filmed us fooling around and being ourselves because we wanted it to be authentic. We shot the whole thing in one afternoon and had a lot of fun doing it.

The video is inspired by coming of age movies like The Dreamers and The Perks of Being a Wall Flower and we wanted to capture the feeling of being young, in love and relatively carefree, which in a way is kind of where I am at in my life right now so I guess its a snap shot of my life at this point.

The song itself is a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, who I was friends with for a while back in London over a decade ago. It was a deliberate decision to not to...

Samuli Karala: Finish model Kirsi Pyrhönen for CIEN launch in Finland by LIDL

Supermarket chain and global player LIDL is launching their CIEN cosmetics line in Finland. The campaign was designed by advertising agency Folk Finland and produced by OTTO Production Helsinki. GoSee !

TAYLOR JAMES : Nissan GT-R – Born Bad Made Good

The Nissan GT-R v3 “Born Bad Made GOOD” campaign is one we are proud to have worked on — we are admirers of automotive photographer, Sjoerd Ten Kate and the Nissan GT-R v3. We used Digital Scouting and the supplied 3D data to explore possible lensing and height options for the three shots, allowing Sjoerd, the agency, and the client to visualize the final compositions before going to the actual shoot. The main shot for this series was the rear shot: we emphasized the rear lights on the right of the frame while fading the left into near darkness. This allowed the development of the “Born Bad Made GOOD” logo utilizing the car lights to form the “OO” in GOOD. Each of the shots took shape — our retouchers combining multiple exposures shot to make the car sing in the gritty industrial environment. We believe these shots make a series that show this iconic supercar at it’s very best.

Trojan Cow by TAYLOR JAMES

Together with Bader Rutter, we created this Trojan Cow to illustrate the problems of having unvaccinated cows in your herd – it takes only one to infect the whole herd. In the concept phase we explored the scale, flow and positioning of the wooden planks to best define the cow’s body. A variety of materials were incorporated to make the cow visually interesting; various textures of the wood, rope and metals were tested so we could use the ones that best integrated into the natural environment. Read more on

LS PRODUCTIONS : The Singleton Whisky

Director Joe Connor has created a stunning new campaign for The Singleton whisky capturing the journey of 'the water of life'. We had a fantastic time working on this shoot and it's great to see the final cut in all its sensory glory.
Campaign: The Singleton | Drop to Drop
Client: You Are Here
Director: Joe Connor
Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
Service Production and Locations: LS Productions See more here:

LS PRODUCTIONS : The River Woods' Winter 2016 Campaign

Introducing River Woods' beautiful Winter 2016 campaign, shot in Edinburgh and at our exclusive location Glen House.

Client: River Woods
Photographer: Hans Van Brakel
Model(s): Rozanne Verduin, Johanne Landbo and Paul Rooney
Production and Locations: LS Productions
Take a look:


A-Train — an editorial by Bert with photographer Frank Widemann c/o Lila Management. FYI: New York based Bert is on stay in Europe for the next weeks. Requests and bookings are welcome!