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GoSee in LOVE - with the Nixie Machine, a jaw-dropping, sculptural clock featuring beautifully glowing Nixie tubes, unveiled during the Geneva Wonder Week by M.A.D.Gallery

The M.A.D.Gallery is pleased to present the Nixie Machine, a jaw-dropping, sculptural clock featuring beautifully glowing Nixie tubes, unveiled during the Geneva Wonder Week. Crafted out of burnished steel and brushed brass, and featuring six Nixie tubes made half a century ago, Nixie Machine – created by German artist Frank Buchwald for M.A.D.Gallery and based on an idea by Alberto Schileo – is a clock like no other. Each of Nixie Machine’s glowing six digits is displayed via an original, incredibly preserved Z568M Nixie tube manufactured by RFT in East Germany during the 1960s and recently discovered in a Bulgarian army depot. The Nixie Machine features no fewer than 350 components, each one painstakingly hand-crafted by Buchwald himself out of bars and blocks of raw metal.
The six tubes are presented as three pairs – for hours, minutes and seconds – atop an eye-catching structure built in Buchwald’s signature “heavy engineering” style, that he established in his Machine Lights series. The stunning retro-futuristic design, bearing four legs and body-like symmetry, could have stepped straight out of a sci-fi movie.
Sourced by Schileo, the Nixie tubes used in Nixie Machine are among the largest – 90mm in height – and rarest ever made. The radiant discharge of the Nixies coupled with the assertively engineered structure makes Nixie Machine, in the words of Buchwald, a veritable “altar of time”. Nixie Machine is available in a limited edition of 12 pieces.

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La 30e édition du Festival International de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères aura lieu du 23 au 27 avril 2015 à la villa Noailles. Les expositions s’y tiendront jusqu’au 24 mai 2015.

La Maison CHANEL est l’invitée d’honneur du 30e Festival International de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères qui aura lieu du 23 au 27 avril 2015, dans la villa Noailles, créée dans les années 1920 par l’architecte Robert Mallet-Stevens pour les mécènes Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles. Karl Lagerfeld est le Directeur artistique de la 30e édition du festival. Virginie Viard, Directrice du Studio de Création de CHANEL est Présidente du jury mode. Eric Pfrunder, Directeur de l’Image de CHANEL Mode est Président du jury photographie.

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Emotionen pur! MOODFILM.TV dreht für KILIAN KERNER mit Jella Haase & Jannik Schümann.

Auf der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin zeigte Kilian Kerner seine neue Herbst/Winter 2015 Kollektion. Jetzt veröffentlicht der Designer einen wundervollen Imagefilm.


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Der full CGI Film ist fertig!

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First Happenings: Adrian Henri in the ‘60s and '70s at Fox Reading Room

First Happenings: Adrian Henri in the ‘60s and '70s, offers a focussed look at Adrian Henri’s pioneering role in the ‘happenings movement’ in Britain, setting up the first ‘Event’ in 1962, through to enabling various collaborative events into the 1970s.

As a painter, poet, musician and performer he was a central protagonist during a period of intense creativity and collaborative artistic endeavours that centred in Liverpool – at the time a parallel centre for such activity alongside London and New York. Henri corresponded with performance artists including Allan Kaprow, Yoko Ono and Mark Boyle and authored a landmark publication, Total Art, Environments and Happenings (Thames and Hudson, 1974).

Reflecting Henri’s eclecticism and insatiable curiosity, the display features numerous artefacts from the Adrian Henri estate, including original prints, collages, annotated scripts and hand-made posters for happenings, objects, ephemera, rock posters, counterculture documents and correspondence, as well as rare audio and video material.

Adrian Henri (1932–2000) trained as a painter under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton, and taught at Liverpool Art College in the 1960s. He came to prominence as one of the 'Liverpool poets', alongside Roger McGough and Brian Patten, through the best-selling Penguin anthology The Mersey Sound - irreverently urban and popular. Performance was central to Henri’s practice, both as a visual artist and as a poet. In the 1960s and 70s he fronted the poetry and rock group Liverpool Scene (signed by RCA). Their debut album was produced by John Peel, who dubbed Henri ‘one of the great non-singers of our time.' In 1969, the band performed at the Isle of Wight Festival, supported Led Zeppelin and toured America.

One of the few UK organisations that acknowledged the radical music, art and performance scene in Liverpool outside of the city itself, the ICA hosted Henri’s exhibitions and performances on various occasions including his solo exhibition, Adrian Henri: Poet, Painter, 1968, I Wonder. A play by Adrian Henri and Michael Kustow, was performed at the ICA in 1968 as part of the ICA’s centenary celebration of Apollinaire and Henri was also included in the 1970 ICA exhibition AAARGH!!! A Celebration of Comics.

First Happenings is curated by Paris-based art historian Catherine Marcangeli in collaboration with the ICA. All works from the Estate of Adrian Henri.

Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

  • We're open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 11pm. 
  • Exhibitions are open 11am – 6pm, except Thursday, 11am – 9pm. 

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'Cross Section of a Revolution' in London at Lisson Gallery

This group exhibition of Lisson Gallery artists explores global aspects of trade, trauma, religious belief systems and contested territories, via a number of intersecting political practices, across photographic, sculptural, painterly and filmic media. The exhibition features works by Allora & Calzadilla, Broomberg & Chanarin, Liu Xiaodong, Haroon Mirza, Rashid Rana, Wael Shawky and Santiago Sierra. Each of these artists reveal how the crosspollination of global cultures can result in a rewiring of faith, hope and morality.

Cross Section of a Revolution 30 January – 7 March 2015 . featuring: Allora & Calzadilla, Broomberg & Chanarin, Liu Xiaodong, Haroon Mirza, Rashid Rana, Wael Shawky, Santiago Sierra . Lisson Gallery, 52-54 Bell Street, London

About Lisson Gallery is one of the most influential and longest-running international
contemporary art galleries in the world. Established in 1967 by Nicholas Logsdail, it
pioneered the early careers of important Minimal and Conceptual artists, such as Sol
LeWitt and Richard Long, as well as those of significant British sculptors from Anish
Kapoor and Tony Cragg to a younger generation, led by Ryan Gander and Haroon
Mirza. In addition to its two exhibition spaces in London, one in Milan and a fourth
gallery to open under the High Line in New York in 2015, the Lisson Presents
programme also extends a legacy of curatorial innovation beyond the galleries,
working with institutions and artists to present new initiatives around the world.