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Dare them, share them, wash them - LEVI'S new spot on air

What else? Do anything - but just do not bore them ! “Live in Levi’s” can be so nice.  Watch the new commercial on GoSee. This is what Chief Marketing Officer of Levi’s® Jennifer (Jen) Sey said end of june 2014 about the brandnew camapign: "We’re launching globally in August and September, but announced the campaign today. It’s intended to be both inclusive and inspiring. We are of a rare class of brands that can do both of those things. Often we think of more narrow, niche brands as the ones that inspire and engage. And we think of broad, commercial brands as diffused and kind of boring. But the world’s best and most loved brands –Apple, Nike, Disney, Starbucks – are welcoming to many, and inspiring for all. And I think Live In Levi’s® gives us the opportunity to welcome a broad range of consumers and inspire them all. It says that Levi’s® is for everybody who’s not just anybody."

“Authenticity is at the core of the brand. Levi’s® invented the blue jean and ‘Live in Levi’s®’ captures what it means to wear them,” said Eric Springer, FCB West Chief Creative Officer.“The campaign shows the contagious joy that comes from living without hesitation. Your Levi’s® are an accomplice in the story that unfolds as you live.”

Enjoy the film.


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UPDATE14 - coming soon !

We are very happy to announce the official start of our UPDATE 14 season. First exhibitors are already confirmed. We are more than happy to welcome : Liganord, Patricia McMahon, Bigoudi, Recom, Ballsaal, Rockenfeller & Göbels, WaldmannSolar, ..... for infos / details contact office@up-date.ws

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Lichtenberg & Grey for AUDI

Be free. Be family..... for AUDI.

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From now on open for APPLICATION - 12 categories 12 juries & one big final in Berlin, our GoSee AWARDS

Es geht los. Ab sofort können sich Kreative (Fotografen, Stylisten, Hair Artists, Make-up Artists, Magazine, .... ) auf GoSee mit einem Mini-Portfolio (3-12 Artworks) für die GoSee Awards 2014 bewerben. Wie die Kategorien lauten?

Cars, bikes, planes, boats… anything that drives us crazy
Not just a girl in a dress. Impress us with decor, expression & verve
Man made with love – inspiring buildings, settings, arrangements
Conceptual - Extraterrestrial - Magical
Show us the great outdoors. And make us go crazy
Get closer and drown us in intimacy, sex & lust
Blow our minds and fill our hearts with imagination
Take us on a visual trip we will never forget
What will tomorrow bring? please show us today
Because the pencil is mightier than the sword
Remember : Fashion favours the bold 
PLUS our SCREENINGS AWARD where Your Online Portfolio will be judged
Picture, picture on the wall… we crown the craziest of them all

… and if this BLOG is too crazy for you go to our website: screenings.org
So if you are not registered yet - es wird Zeit: www.GoSee.de/register

.... und wenn Du einen Account hast - dann einloggen und auf der linken Seite den Instruktionen  in der GoSee Navi folgen.

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ASPHALT Klub Berlin

Seit 2010 hat der ASPHALT Klub mit der quisiten Lage Am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin-Mitte seine Türen geöffnet. Dort erschließt sich in den unteren Gewölben des Hilton Hotels eine weiträumige Landschaft aus zwei Dancefloors mit extragroßen Bartresen, einer zentralen Showbühne, Dining-Area und Séparée. Dem puristisch-eleganten Ambiente tut man es gleich und feiert im Dresscode Ghetto-Gucci-Gold die Schönheit der Nacht: Sich selbst. Dazu kommen noch ein paar Stars. Madonna hat hier schließlich auch schon ihre Berliner Nächte verbracht. Künstler wie Bob Geldoff oder Xavier Naidoo nutzen die Venue für Show-Cases. Denn hier gibt es mit der High-End Bass-Sound-Decke und über vierhundert Lautsprechern ein Klangerlebnis der Extraklasse. Diese Top-Location im Nachtleben bildet das Berliner Äquivalent zu den Club-Ikonen aus New York und L.A.: Bester Sound, feine Drinks und schöne Menschen.
Neu an der Spitze der Klub-Unternehmung ist Andreas Pöhling. Zusammen mit dem Veranstalter Juice, der schon die ersten ASPHALT-Gäste mit seiner monatlichen Eventreihe „Back in the Dayz“ tanzwütig machte, bespielen sie die goldene Mitte Berlins in den Nächten von Donnerstag bis Samstag. Von Hip-Hop und R’n’B bis hin zu feinsten Electro-Tunes und einzigartigen Live-Auftritten talentierter bis international etablierter Künstler. Aus der ASPHALT-Eventreihe „Melting Pot“ stammt auch das kommende Big Booking für ein dreistündiges DJ-Set von Rap-Legende SNOOP DOGG. Wir wünschen uns viel Spaß!

Mehr unter www.asphalt-berlin.com und auf Facebook unter www.facebook.com/asphaltberlin

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SBB summer 2014

Announcing our brandnew SBB-TVC;

Another handful of match-cuts? Au contraire! We're very proud to introduce it's antipode.

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Nimbes (Audiovisual piece) by Joanie Lemercier and James Ginzburg

Nimbes explores the ontology of observation and its relationship to cosmogony, notions of intelligence and individuality. As a universe comes into being, emergent structures arise and determine its unfolding. From the perspective of observation, intelligence is an emergent property of the universe in which we find ourselves. As if from a desire to participate in the process of unfolding, we create both architectures and narratives, repetitions of the cosmogony, microcosms of the universe, in which all our actions find symbolic expression on a macrocosmic scale. But within this process, questions arise, linear continuity is interrupted by the uncertainties of the hypothesis of stability on which we base our solid notions, which have provided the foundations for our architectures, the grounds of our narratives. Observation however, the thread which unites all experience, a lens that can not see itself, invisibly and perpetually remains.

More information : http://joanielemercier.com/nimbes