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Four Moments: Industry, Architektur und Portraits für den Mittelstand

Für und mit der Agentur Four Moments haben wir in den vergangenen Wochen und Monaten verschiedene Projekte mit mittelständischen Firmen realisiert. Zwischen Architektur, Industrie und Portraits hat die Agentur um Michel Köppe Ihre Konzepte mit den Endkunden punktgenau ausgearbeitet und umgesetzt. Das Ergebnis ist eine klare Linie und eine schnörkellose Fotografie   auf der Grundlage eines klaren Briefings.

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Geschäftsberichte / Annual Reports

Nils Hendrik Mueller hat mit seinem Team seit 2010 für verschiedene Unternehmen national und international Geschäftsberichte realisiert. 
 Neben internationalen Konzernen wie Bertelsmann oder Henkel und TecDax-Unternehmen wie der QSC AG finden sich auch Banken wie die DWP-Bank, die KFW IPEX-Bank, die Credit-Plus Bank, oder die Deutsche Beteiligungs AG im Kundenportfolio. 
Auch die Nordzucker AG ist unter den regelmäßigen Kunden des Braunschweiger Fotografen, der im Bereich Geschäftsberichte für Agenturen wie
Scheufele Hesse Eigler Kommunikationsagentur, WirDesign, MPM Corporate Communications, Red Cell oder Mehr+ gearbeitet hat


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Artist Ville Kylätasku

Artist Ville Kylätasku
Privat Work

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Do I Smell Cupcakes

Promotion shooting for the Berlin Band "Do I Smell Cupcakes".
Photographer: Viviane Wild
Client: Mokoh-Music
Studio: Allmostudio
Post Production: Nannette Römer/ Graurot


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Sometimes you are so busy focusing on what's most important in life, like your kids and family you are even glad you miss out on things. Then there a days you open up your laptop and find out that you got a 'honorable mention' in the fashion category at the Monochrome Awards where you send you stuff in a great while back. A moment you just say: "Uhm... well... hell yeah!" ;)

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Premier full-service daylight photography studios for photo shoots and events, located in downtown Manhattan (8 studios, in-house catering, roof top, mobile productions ...)

'We are a group of happy, hard-working people who are passionate about our industry and the people that we have the privilege of working with. We had this notion that it might be a good idea to provide a warm, welcoming environment where clients, photographers and their crews could work. A place that is as relaxed as it is invigorating, a place that you love to come to as much as you hate to leave. We think we have done just that, but we would love to hear it from you. Sometime soon would be nice. Dune Studios is a true oasis in Soho. . . . Another place to play!'

A photo studio in NYC, better have lighting and grip equipment available for their clients to rent. A great photo studio better have the best equipment, knowledgeable staff and be able to get their clients anything that they don't have in-house. So, when we tell you that we want to be great at everything we do, you can guess what kind of equipment department we have here at Dune.     212.235.6500

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ERIK WÅHLSTRÖM had the opportunity to shoot the finalist in the 2015 Design Now competition. Show as an installation of large scale c-prints at the The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden