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Copenhagen’s Most Intimate Fashion Treasure

Holly Golightly has been referred to as a little treasure in the centre of Copenhagen. This intimately elegant fashion store offers a selected range of international labels within a local selection of Scandinavian labels. Today we are interviewing the founders Marlene Bernth and Barbara Werner, who, as some have said, are so stylish as to have been seen riding their bikes on high heels.
How did Holly Goligthly start?
The shop was founded in 2001 and focused primarily on ready-to-wear lines. However, a few years later we decided to open a second store, with a greater focus on accessories. We have yet to see, or rather reveal, what our third shop due to open in January will offer.
What is Holly Golightly about?
Our credo lies in offering a unique and personal touch of high-end international fashion labels, combined with quality service in a highly aesthetic and intimate environment. We don’t conform to age restrictions; we would rather provide for all women marked by impeccable taste.
Which brands do you represent?
We are very loyal to our brands, but at the same time we...

Launch night of Candid Magazine

Candid Magazine launches its fifteenth issue, The Luxury Issue, hosted by cover star, Danny Jones with a great party on a roof terrace in Soho.

Fun reunion with the actor Milton Welsh.


At a time of major political disruption, with the rise of populism and a swing to the right in Europe and the USA coming hot on the heels of the Arab Spring, the exhibition MAGNUM PHOTOS PROTEST! at MILK GALLERY, NYC takes a look through Magnum's archive at photographs of protest from the 1930s to the present day. Photographs that have taken on a totemic value in popular culture, such as Eve Arnold's portrait of civil rights activist Malcolm X (1962), Marc Riboud's Vietnam War protestor (1967) Stuart Franklin's Tank Man (1989) sit with powerful contemporary pictures from Ukraine by Jerome Sessini (2014) and Standing Rock (2017) by Larry Towell and New York (2017) by Chris Anderson.

EMMA BANKS writes: "In an era of distasteful presidencies, unpopular politics, and increased frustration on all fronts, Magnum’s “Protest!” presentation couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Last night, Milk Gallery hosted the 70th anniversary show, which featured 42 total pieces from 31 Magnum photographers, ranging from 1930s to present day. Reaching back into the archives of protest...

NEU: Toni Garrn, Michael Michalsky & Roberto Blanco portraitiert von Frank Lübke für das Stern Magazin.

Für die Stern Magazin Kolumne „Mein geliebtes Ich“ portraitierte Frank Lübke das Topmodel Toni Garrn, den Fashion Designer Roberto Blanco und die Schlager-Ikone Roberto Blanco.
In der Portraitserie zeigt Toni Garrn, dass sie kein unnahbares Model ist, dass sich zu ernst nimmt, Herr Michalsky wollte sich selbst einmal auf den Schoss nehmen und Roberto Blanco begegnete im Bild seiner Kämpfernatur. Nach dem Shooting, gab es noch ein Selfie mit „Little Frank“ – dem „Mini-Me“ des Fotografen Frank Lübke.

LITTLE FRANK PROJECT: (https://its-me-little-frank.tumblr.com)
FRANK LÜBKE PHOTOGRAPHY (http://www.frank-luebke-photography.com)


With I AM E-WASTE, Iman Rezai, an artist known for his dramatic work has chosen to tackle an issue of global relevance. Under cover of the fake smokescreen of recycling - 50 million tonnes of electronic waste leave industrialised countries every year and are illegally deposited in disposal sites in Asia and Africa where they poison people and the environment. The artist aims to raise awareness about this route.

For I AM E-WASTE, Rezai will travel to the final destinations where the waste products of our technologised consumer society end up. On location, he will create a multi medial series of works, the result of which will be far removed from any previous documentation on this topic.
In the conceptualising of his three-dimensional work, Iman Rezai creates a connection between the countries of origin and the electronic waste landfill sites. The artist will fill resealable glass bottles with E-waste from the landfill sites as well as adding reflective glitter fragments and the I AM E-WASTE logo. This message in a bottle will then be sent on a journey back to the E-waste's...


Some views from my exhibition at PROLAB.

Enjoy the work by our director Jeremy CHARBIT for LE CAB

Do you always, always know the way? Enjoy the work by our director Jeremy CHARBIT for LE CAB.
Along the sweet cover of Bill Withers "Lovely Day", Jeremy Charbit invites us to a beautiful parisian journey throughout the day (and night) in this 1 minute choreographed, virtuoso long shot... an artistic and technical challenge Jeremy and Les Tribuns enjoyed taking up.
We wish you a lovely day from Paris !
LE CAB that is: 'Abordable, tout confort et sans surprise ! L’alternative aux services de taxis.' lecab.fr

Client: Le Cab
Agency: La Force
Production house: Les Tribuns
Director: Jeremy Charbit
Director’s rep: To the moon and back

Der neue Stern an Deutschlands Rap-Himmel: We introduce Kris Buckley aka Die Godmother.

Rapper Kris Buckley wurde Mitte der achtziger Jahre bei einem rituellen Gangbang in einem Elektrokeller irgendwo in East-London gezeugt, bei dem Die Antwoord und Lady Gaga mit LSD versetztes Kokain schnupften und sich entschlossen eine Tochter in New Orleans in die Welt zu setzen. Nur so oder so ähnlich, und nicht viel anders, ist die Entstehung von Kris Buckley aka Die Godmother vorstellbar!

Die auf Deutsch und Englisch verhandlungssicher rappende Die Godmother ist keine Female-MC. Sie rapt, als hätte sie den dicksten Schwanz zwischen den Beinen und Eierstöcken, groß wie ein Airbus A380, mehrschichtig, mindestens zweistöckig und bildgewaltig - sie ist Rap auf internationalem Höhenflug. Eine der verstockten deutschen Rapszene neues Leben gebende, gütige Mutter, die demnächst ein paar gewaltige Mama-Schellen auf dem Splash! Festival verteilen wird.
Vergiss’ mal Schwesta Eva. Und sogar ein Materia sieht aus wie ein spiessiger Querflötestudent aus Unterhachelfingen neben Kris Buckley.

Kris Buckley wurde von ihrem selbst erschaffenen Alter-ego Die Godmother befruchtet und...