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Kunstdrucke für die Posterlounge von Iris Luckhaus

Nach Jahren habe ich heute endlich mal wieder meine Kunstdrucke bei der famosen Posterlounge aktualisiert und gleich neun neue Motive hochgeladen: Flora im Walde, das Rosenrot-Mädchen, die Picknickerinnen am Meer, meine virtuelle Sekretärin (die heißt übrigens Antonie Seidensiefer), die beiden Damen aus der Seestück-Serie und die neugierigen Märchenmädchen in Paris!

People Agentur Lachfalten News

“Lachfalten-People“ punkten mit ersten Aufträgen und neuen Gesichtern ... eine Handvoll neuer Kunden, wie z.B. ein führender Automobilhersteller und das Tourismusamt München entschieden sich kürzlich für die Modelagentur der etwas anderen Art und setzten mit Filmen und Shootings den Auftakt für die „Lachfalten-People. Auch sonst gibt es von allen Seiten Aufwind. Viele neue Gesichter sind in den letzten sechs Wochen zu der Agentur dazu gestoßen. Einige davon sind hier zu sehen……

LORYC Electric Speedster - prototype shooting

The making of an electric car..... Mallorca based photographer Oliver Brenneisen  documented the revival of the 1920 race car brand as manufacturer of fine electric cars. The prototype of the 2016 Speedster is on the roads for testing. The LORYC Electric sports a aluminium exterior in retro design and state-of-the-art technology in the inside.

Kickstarter campaign to help fund the next RED HOT calendar by photographer Thomas Knights

Photographer Thomas Knights has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the next RED HOT calendar, which aims to change society’s perceptions of ginger-haired men and women. For the first time 2016’s offering will include two calendars: one featuring men, and the other women.

It’s target on Kickstarter was £6,000 and there were various rewards on offer, including signed copies and the opportunity to sponsor the project. Since its inception three years ago, RED HOT has manifested itself in calendars, a coffee table art book, exhibitions in London and New York and more – with proceeds from the sale of calendars being donated to anti-bullying charities.

“Thousand of pounds have been raised for The Anti-Bullying Alliance through the sale of the previous calendars, and well over £15,000 has been raised for various charities via our many RED HOT initiatives,” says Knights. “We literally couldn’t have done this without your support.” Explaining why the money is needed, he says: “The 2014, and the current 2015 calendar, were ultimately side products of creating the RED HOT...

Glass … Bronze … Stone - the Canaveral Table, a unique piece by Mark Brazier-Jones

Glass … Bronze … Stone - Three noble materials hat together present an object self-contained in time - the Canaveral Table. It is here now …. it will be here in a thousand years. Spectacular dining centre table cast in bronze with 7 ft 6” glass top. Inset within the bronze is a giant semi-precious Fluorite stone – mined, cut and polished in the late Ch’ing Dynasty (early part of the 20Th century) probably from the Huan region of China.

History of Fluorite: Fluorite has been utilised over the centuries in many forms … the ancient Egyptians used it on statues and in carving scarabs. The Romans believed that drinking alcoholic beverages from vessels carved of Fluorite kept the drinker from getting drunk (see the British Museum Collection of carved Fluorite Cups : the Crawford Cup, 1st-2nd Century AD). Artefacts of carved fluorite were found in the ruins of Pompeii. In the 18th Century, Fluorite was powdered in water to relieve the symptoms of kidney disease and the Chinese have used it in carvings for more than 300 years, believing that it was excellent for treating and...

Book and Poster Holiday Sale at Matthew Marks Gallery, New York !!

Featuring new and rare books and posters starting at $5 .... For free domestic shipping through December 3 use promo code HOLIDAY. Checkout and save up to 60% on artist book sets .... HOLIDAY SALE Order by December 15 for guaranteed delivery by December 24 (domestic shipping only)! GoSee !

Christian Barthold New Portfolio - Collage

Here's a new series of Collage illustration, done by Christian Barthold (Cologne/Germany). Christian Barthold has been freelancing as an illustrator from 1996, and Collage is one of his main styles.