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Der eine oder andere mag sich noch an die langen Schlangen vor den Berliner Opernwerkstätten erinnern, als Olympus 2013 seinen ersten PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND veranstaltete. Seitdem ist der Spielplatz für Foto- und Kunstfans durch Europa getourt und hat über 350.000 Menschen begeistert. Sie alle entdeckten, ausgerüstet mit einer OM-D oder Olympus PEN Kamera, fotografisch neue Welten. Nun kommt dieser einzigartige Event wieder nach Berlin. Mit neuem Namen, einem neuen Ausstellungskonzept und in einer neuen Location: dem Kraftwerk in der Köpenicker Straße 70 in Berlin-Mitte.

Vom 1. bis zum 24. September 2017 lädt der OLYMPUS PERSPECTIVE PLAYGROUND dazu ein, die interaktiven Arbeiten verschiedener international bekannter Künstler wie Thilo Frank und Poetic Kinetics sowie aufstrebender junger Talente wie Xaver Hirsch und vielen anderen fotografisch zu erkunden. Die Ausstellung ist täglich von 11:00 bis 21:00 Uhr, donnerstags, freitags und samstags sogar bis 23:00 Uhr, geöffnet. Der Eintritt ist frei. Wer lange Wartezeiten vermeiden will, registriert sich vorab auf:

'In the World of Play-Doh' by Marc Da Cunha Lopes c/o COMMON ERA for DDB PARIS

In the World of Play-Doh… nothing is impossible! Marc Da Cunha Lopes has just finished a project of epic proportions with a team of incredible clay model makers. Commissioned by DDB Paris, the campaign has messages for both parents and children, with subjects committed to nature and tolerance. “We wanted to show that imagination is limitless. That’s why we made everything for real. The fact that there are rough edges creates more emotion.”

The first visual, showing the ogre and school girl, took four months of work to complete. There are 15,000 blades of grass alone, each sculpted by hand. Even photographing the first set took at least 11 hours of preparation and installation in the studio. The second and third visuals were no less intensive, requiring another six months of work. The giraffe is one metre tall made of more than 500 pieces, and the characters of the birthday scene bring together more than 10,000 elements. All in all, an amazing amount of creativity and effort went into these images. Model making by: Natacha Olive de Cherisey, Emmanuel Courteau, Rémi Picard,...


FALCA presents Forsman & Bodenfors with Kalle Gustafsson for TUI

GoSee new entry FALCA, a Barcelona based production company, presents it's latest campaign for TUI with photographer Kalle Gustavsson for Agency Forsman & Bodenfors on GoSee.

Falca means Wedge, a piece of wood, metal, etc., with one pointed end and one thicker end that is used to split something, to fit into a space, to separate two things stuck together, etc. Our name is what we do. As a production service company we want our clients, producers, directors and photographers to feel we are right where they need us to be.
We support you.
We hold things down for you and we keep doors open.
We can cut wedges of cheese.
We balance things on rough surfaces.
We are sharp and we step into tight situations when we have to.
We can be invisible.
We are made of steel from the Rhine and Mediterranean wood.
We are reliable and flexible.
All projects are treated artfully and with care, the same way we like to be treated.
Come and find out. Write us and you’ll see.
We are Falca.

When Did You Give Up on Your Dreams? Der neue Imagefilm der LNWBB (Landesnetzwerk Weiterbildungsberatung BW) mit unseren Kids- und Commercialmodels!

When did you give up on your dreams? Realize your dreams! Educate yourself!
Your Guidance Network for Further Education and Training in Baden-Württemberg (LNWBB).

Produktion: AV Medien Group
Agency: SModels
Kidsmodels: James, Sofia, Louis, Laina & Ilay
Commercialmodels: Hanna & Romina


Discover our hotel collection founded on design, luxury, style and soul - through the touch of print.
We could not resist publishing this tight bi-annual travel edit, a style piece packed full of 96-pages of hotel eye candy and travel inspo. just for you to pack your bags with.
A clever directory of our complete collection, this is The Aficionados™ - summer Trouvailles Edition.
You can of course pick one up yourself at any one of our boutique hotels, or enjoy the luxury of having one delivered straight to your door.

You can order your copy of THE AFICIONADOS MAGAZINE HERE.

Rather than listing everything in alphabetical order, we have created little clusters of genres that help you to navigate our member hotels with ease: by style, vibe you want to discover, or those places that just share a passion with you – flick through the magazine to find your kinda holiday.

Style is a core passion for us and so we wanted to share our style atlas of hotels by highlighting what drew us to each particular hotel,...

PR ON THE GO – Your source for global prime PR hacks

“Incredibly, the agency model has been one of the slowest businesses to adapt to the new world around us. The next generation of clients and CMO’s don’t need legacy pre-digital agency networks but new and fast ways of delivering results.“ -Bethany Poole, Global Head of Marketing, Google

PR on the GO sets off to disrupt the PR agency model.

We deliver PR advices, links and how-tos to empower start-ups and creative entrepreneurs to start their PR on their own.

Get hands on editor contacts and marketing advices for your do-it-yourself PR.

Now online at www.PRontheGO.com


Magnus MAGNUSSON shot a fashion series for ELLE SWEDEN and Anders SCHONNEMANN interior for H&M HOME... Meet the Swedish agency at UPDATE17 on the 6th of October in Berlin (SUMMER OFFICE HOURS : July 3rd - July 28th, 09.00-16.00).

CameraLink is Sweden´s number one Photographers Agency, founded 1990. We work with all kind of images – fashion, advertising, editorials, film, exhibitions and various special projects – for a wide variety of clients, commercial as well as non-commercial. Under the CameraLink roof you will also find: LinkDirectors: Sweden's first Directors Agency. We can now offer comprehensive joint production services for both stills and film. LinkDeco: representing Scandinavias leading interior photographers and stylists. Over the years CameraLink has organized and participated in a large number of exhibits to broaden the photographic culture and awareness in Sweden.