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THE DREAMLANDS - H.P. Lovecrafts Dream Cycle - Last shout on GoSee for crowdfunding

A GoSee Tipp : A dark fantasy film by director Huan Vu. The first ever film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle. THE DREAMLANDS is a dark fantasy film based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, destined to become one of the most ambitious and lavish independent films ever made – but they need your help to embark on this epic journey. Here are the key facts: Principle filming will be done entirely in English with an international cast who will be cast as the production process progresses. Afterwards, the completed film will also be dubbed in German using a renowned cast of voice actors. Subtitles in many other languages will be provided.

Around the half of the film will be shot in a professional film studio in Germany, where they have to build sets. The other half will be filmed at the Baltic Coast and other outdoor locations providing the landscapes they seek, e.g. Iceland, Croatia or Turkey. Initial production of the film, with a planned running time of 120 min., is to be completed by the end of 2016. The post-production process could possibly, due to unforeseen delays or necessary re-shoots, last into 2017.

"Beyond of the filming crew we also have gathered a group of illustrators who help us to visualize and conceptualize the Dreamlands. Among these visionaries you can find local aspiring artists like FuFu Frauenwahl, Sergej Schell (both images on top by him) and Silke Czarny (all from Germany) as well as international illustrators who are already well known among Lovecraft fans like John Coulthart (UK), François ‚Goomi’ Launet (France) or Mike Dubisch and Richard Luong (both USA). Have a look at our growing gallery to get a glimpse beyond the Wall of Sleep!

If we reach our goal, we will bring you the best possible cast based on our budget to add to this creative and fantastic team. During our campaign we already received a Letter of Intent by Andrew Divoff ("Wishmaster", "Lost") and Wes Studi ("Dances with Wolves", "The Last of the Mohicans", "The New World", "Avatar")! "

Funding and investing - they have split their campaign: One part of the budget has to be raised on indiegogo, the other part is raised by crowdinvesting. If you're interested in becoming an investor as well, you can get more information on their website.


Watche the longer version here:


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Off to the Races: Fashion Editorial von Yoshi Ohara für Genlux Magazine. Postproduktion von Deltagram.

Genlux Magazine begibt sich in den Santa Anita Park — von vielen als die schönste Vollblut-Rennstrecke der Welt bezeichnet —, um die "rennfähigen" Looks der aktuellen Saison einzufangen.

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Deltagram übernimmt Post Production für James Maslow Cover Shoot und Editorial

Sänger und Schauspieler James Maslow auf dem Cover der "Elevation Issue" des Vanichi Magazine. Deltagram hat die Bildbearbeitung und Post Production übernommen.

Kunde: Vanichi Magazine
Bildbearbeitung und Post Production: Marcus Christopher / Deltagram

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"Sweet Georgia Brown" Fashion Editorial für Vanichi Magazine - Retusche und Post Production von Deltagram

Das Fashion Editorial "Sweet Georgia Brown" wurde fotografiert von Judith Omoregie und zeigt Arbeiten der Designer Charlotte Appleby, Kerry Kempster, Joelle Reeves Millinery, Nina Naustdal und Camilla Ambler. Erschienen ist das Editorial im Vanichi Magazine.
Retusche und Post Production: Marcus Christopher und Katharina Ziegler / Deltagram.

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Deltagram übernimmt Bildbearbeitung und Post Production für das Berliner Menswear-Label Julius Errol Flynn

Kunde: Julius Errol Flynn
Photograph: Darioj Lagana
Bildbearbeitung und Post Production: Marcus Christopher / Deltagram

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Deltagram betreut Retusche und Post Production der britischen Lifestyle-Marke Florian London

Kunde: Florian London Bags
Photograph: Judith Omoregie
Bildbearbeitung und Post Production: Marcus Christopher / Deltagram

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▲Ṉ▲ḼØG · ḼØ▼E · Polaroid · #1

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