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Everything You Can Imagine is Real

Welcome to explore The Swedish costume designer Bea Szenfelds collection ”HAUTE PAPIER” in THE summer exhibition Everything You Can Imagine is Real. The exhibition also shows large prints created by The Royal Swedish Opera in co-operation with Stockholm Graphics, Karolina Henke, Carl Thorborg and Stina Wirsén. The exhibition runs between May 27 – August 21, 2016 in the Dansmuseet Stockholm

Exploring The Absurdity Of Household Objects...

Multidisciplinary artists Kristine Alksne and Pernille Andersen collaborated on the "Domestic Stories" to explore the intersection of set design and set styling. The photo series, which features tableaux of household objects, evokes an aura of elegance with a touch of absurdity. Despite the random array of objects in each image, there is an overarching sense of continuity. Not only that, each setup seems to be in motion with its own personality.

BABY BRIDE by Amnesty International & AIR Brussels

In Burkina Faso very young girls are forced to marry. After the marriage they are used as slaves and their lives stop, literally and figuratively. Most of these young girls are raped after which they die due to complications during their pregnancy. Amnesty wanted to put pressure on the Burkina Faso government, through a petition, to stop these medieval practices. This resulted in a compelling visual that shows the birth of a young girl in Burkina Faso, already wearing her wedding veil. The visual appeared as a print and on social media.

About : Established 20 years ago in Brussels, Air is now Belgium’s top independent agency – as well as its most committed.


17 BFF-Fotografen hängen rum Großflächenplakatausstellung Frankfurt/Main

VERNISSAGE: 27.05.2016
17:30 Uhr, unweit des Ostbahnhofs.

Vom 28.5. bis 6.6.2016 machen Mitglieder des Berufsverbandes Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter (BFF) in Frankfurt am Main mit einer Plakataktion auf ihr Schaffen aufmerksam.
17 Fotografinnen und Fotografen zeigen an der Hanauer Landstraße/Ecke Eytelweinstraße in der Nähe des Ostbahnhofs Frankfurt/Main freie Arbeiten in großen Formaten unter einer Eisenbahnbrücke – eben „unner de Brigg“, wie der Hesse sagt. Die Ausstellung beginnt am 27. Mai mit einer Vernissage auf offener Straße, zu der jeder kommen kann.
Die Off-Aktion des BFF richtet sich vor allem an die Werber der Agentur-Meile Hanauer Landstraße. Entsprechend ist das Medium gewählt. Out of home bespielen die Fotoprofis die Werbeflächen unter der Brücke mit großformatigen Plakaten – aufwendig inszeniert und einfühlsam dokumentiert. Wobei die Arbeiten so unterschiedlich sind wie die Teilnehmer.
Diese BFF-Mitglieder hängen unner de Brigg:
Rui Camilo, Jens Görlich, Alex Habermehl, Christof Herdt, Markus Hintzen,
Alexandra Lechner, Dominik Mentzos, Claus...


Service production was provided by Longsleeve Productions for Tchibo Ski Catalogue 2016. With GoSee member Koester & Lumma photographing and filming on glaciers at three thousand meters.

Longsleeve Productions is again gearing up for summer in the Swiss Alps.
Location scouting, logistics, budgeting, accommodation, mountain safety and support are but a part of our services.
Zermatt is the summer destination for spectacular outdoor locations, be it snow covered glaciers or lush green meadows.

Go & See Anna Wintour at CANNES LIONS 2016 in Conversation with Christopher Bailey at 10:00 on Tuesday 21 June

Anna Wintour has held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since July 1988, and was named Artistic Director of Condé Nast in March 2013. In addition to editing Vogue, she executed the development and successful launch of Teen Vogue in 2001, and serves as Editorial Director for the title. During her tenure at Vogue Anna Wintour has been actively involved in philanthropic fundraising, particularly for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, for which she has raised more than $150 million.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her leadership and charitable efforts, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Award of Courage for AIDS Research from the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amFAR). In 2008, for her service to British journalism and fashion, Anna Wintour was appointed to the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II. In October 2009, President Obama appointed her to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Most recently, in 2011 she was awarded the Legion...

Gideon Lewin V. The Richard Avedon Foundation


“This is a plea for funding to preserve the coyrights to my independent personal work. I am in a legal battle with the Richard Avedon Foundation, a battle that should be of great interest to anyone in the arts and the world of photography. It should resonate in the hearts and souls of all creative persons whose existence is defned by their work.” Gideon Lewin
The Richard Avedon Foundation is claiming it owns the copyrights to images Lewin created during the 16 years he worked with Richard Avedon, and for the return of prints gifted to him by Mr. Avedon. The case is pending in the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York scheduled to be heard in late June, Index No. 11-cv-08767 (KMW).
“This is not only my personal battle, but also one that may set precedents for other creative individuals who wish to protect their original work and own the rights to their work without limitations or interference by powerful institutions.”
Gideon Lewin can be emailed at

Portrait of Yassin

In this spring i wanted to do some minimalistic portraits and i´ve found the best matching actor for this. Only one light, the actor and me. Sometimes i love to escape all the possible power without a big team around the shoot.