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A well-organized children’s room offers two big benefits: Kids can find what they’re looking for fast, and the room stays neater because everything has a place. All parents love organizing kids’ rooms because their bedroom is the place where children sleep, play, read… It can be a great place for them to DREAM. Organization is a never-ending battle in a kid’s room. With one playdate the contents of a tidy toy box quickly return to the floor, books come off the shelves, and that neat row of stuffed animals becomes chaos. While messes are inevitable, having plenty of smart storage spots can help make cleanup easier and faster. Clean up your child’s floor and teach them the value of good organization with our excellent selection of kids' storage. Toy boxes help your children keep their treasures close by, make cleanup easy and stylish. Kids need and want to use their space for playing, right? They don't want their precious floor space crowded with boxes of their own toys! But heaven forbid they actually have to give up any of those toys!!!

Gold is a Toy box inspired by the...
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Student Life Berlin

Ein schöner Sommer ist zu ende gegangen. Das Wetter war noch so angenehm und das Licht einfach nur toll. Eine optimale Zeit im Berlin zu produzieren.
Für den wdv pool, organisierte und plante Oana eine 3 tägige Fotoproduktion zum Thema Studenten Lifestyle. Das Motto: locker, cool und lässig.
Mit viel Erfahrung im Bereich People Lifestyle und zusammen mit einem talentierten professionellem Team, bittet Oana die höchste Produktions- und Bildqualität. Die Shootings verlaufen immer erfolgreich. Das lieget bestimmt an ihrem Enthusiasmus, an ihrer Kreativität und Flexibilität.
Das Casting erfolgte über die Agenturen: street, everday people und brüderlichen und schwesterchen. Insgesamt wurde 9 Modelle ausgesucht die im Studentenleben reinschlüpfen sollen. Uber Z-Location wurde der Zugang zur indoor- (Wohnung, Uni) und outdoorlocations (Beach Bar) gewährt.
Der Produktion stand nichts mehr im Wege. Mitte September 2016 ging es los. Wettertechnisch: glücksgehabt!!!
Nadja Braver von Bigoudi kümmerte sich um das Styling. Zusammen mit ihre Assistentin Penelope haben sie am...
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Some sideshots from my Newzealandtrip.
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Robert Niederl presents his new work as part of the Vienna Art Week, again with make-up artist Sophie Chudzikowski.
Pictures in which he captures undisguised beauty in a magical moment.
The exhibition invites the observer to explore a reduced view of the human nature and seeks the direct contact in a timeless moment.
Sensual & intense, reduced & expressive.
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Peter Kaaden c/o Cosmopola teamed up with Alexandra and Helena for his fashion shoot on film with iconic model Mia Gruenwald c/o Place Models on location in Nice, France. Creative Director: Mario Lombardo Art Director: Enver Hadzijaj
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Recently published in the Swiss issue of L'Officiel: So SoHo. Model Ronja Furrer's hair styled by Bert for the cover and editorial shoot of Andreas Ortner c/o Schierke.
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New York based Liganord artist Bert teamed up with photographer Björn Jonas for this one, recently published in Lovesome Magazine.
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'Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature' at the Glyptotek, Copenhagen | Mid-C.19th French Landscape Painting

This week, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek opens its major Autumn exhibition Théodore Rousseau: Unruly Nature, which runs until 8 January 2017. This large-scale exhibition is the first major show of Théodore Rousseau's work ever in Scandinavia and the first in Europe since a 1967 retrospective at the Louvre. The show explores the mid-19th century French painter (1812-1867) as one of the great innovators of landscape painting, whose daring brush strokes and dawning abstraction anticipated the Impressionists and subsequent generations of French painters.

As an unruly artist, Théodore Rousseau was both admired and hated in his time. His realistic and romantic approach to art made him known as ‘Le Grand Refusé’ when he decided in 1841 to boycott the uppermost tier of the official art scene in France. However, Rousseau soon made his comeback, casting himself as a heroic martyr, who not only conquered the art scene, but also won a seat on the Salon jury. His works were rapidly sold at dizzying prices for museums and private collectors.

Covering two floors and featuring 56...
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