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Ralph Morgenstern BTS

Diese Morgensterns… Mag sein, dass auch die Namensgleichheit für die wundervoll vertraut wirkende Atmosphäre verantwortlich ist. Definitiv ist es aber das besondere Talent für Portraits, das unser Fotograf Claus Morgenstern erneut bewiesen hat. Der Schauspieler Ralph Morgenstern wirkt auf den Aufnahmen nahbar und authentisch.



these are some of my Cinema 4D samples which i have done in past year.


With amazing snow covered backdrops from early winter to early spring and lush green meadows during summer, these delightfully charming huts transform with the seasons to create completely different feels depending on the time of year.

Lifestyle campaign, fashion, editorial, stills or film, Zermatt delivers spectacular locations all year round. Combine these specialised locations with the amazing high-altitude glacier access to allow year round snow covered landscapes.

Meet Diana Gaertner: UBOOKER founder, model and interior designer

Diana Gaertner lit the fashion world on fire when she was just 19-years-old. After being discovered, the German native found herself almost immediately working for major name companies like Dior Fragrance and walking the runways for brands like Valentino, Chanel, YSL, Lacroix, and Armani in her first runway season. When Diana noticed work declining, she decided to re-launch her brand by making the switch from blond to brunette – a move that proved successful as she continued to be selected for runway shows with top designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Tom Ford for YSL and more. Living between Paris and New York for the next 10 years, she maintained a strong career, with additional highlights including photo shoots for German and Italian Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire covers, and beauty Campaigns for Chanel, Versace and L’Oréal.
Living between Paris and New York with her modeling career still going strong in her early 30s, she began to consider other career pursuits and finished up her education with a Bachelor of Arts from Paris American Academy. While continuing to...

Welcome to UBOOKER

For the past few years, we have been looking back on our 20+ year of modeling and thinking about how we could improve the industry to allow models to have more control over their careers and keep more of what they earn. Now, after a year of hard work and with the support of industry experts, a fantastic team of developers, and investors backing us – we are excited to announce that registration is open on UBOOKER by invitation and referral.
Our goal is to make modeling easier, more fun and even more prosperous. We will achieve this by connecting professional models with top clients worldwide on a platform that’s faster, more transparent and has lower fees than any traditional representation. UBOOKER membership is free and, in addition to taking a lower commission on jobs, will have many features that help you build your career:
  • Want to book yourself out? Just do it.
    Does a booking request sound good to you? Give an option.
    Going to Paris/London/Milan or NYC for a while? Just change your location.
    Want to monetize your Social Media activity? We will have a feature...

Meet Zuzanna Buchwald: 2x entrepreneur, model and producer

Meet the creative and entrepreneurial Zuzanna Buchwald!
After winning a photo contest in her teens, Zuzanna signed with Wilhelmina Models and left her native Poland to launch a career that has spanned 14 years (and still going!), life on four continents and extensive travel to fashion destinations and beyond. Zuzanna’s work eventually led her to New York City, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College.
Ever the entrepreneur, today, Zuzanna spends her free time learning new skills and developing projects around self-care, natural health solutions and charity work. For a small sampling: in 2015 she brought Tisane—a natural lip balm brand available in Poland—to market in the US, and this year, Zuzanna became a certified aromatherapist and also unveiled Capes of Good Hope, a collection of stylish capes that support a great cause.
Now onto her details…
Q: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get your first professional modeling job?
I submitted a photo to a teen magazine in Poland when I was 14 and somehow got picked for the cover of a summer...

Johanna Zielinski’s Nutrition Tips for Fashion Week (and Life!)

Your Career
Q: Could you tell us a little about your current projects?
I work as a journalist and nutritionist (check out my website here!) and am furthering my education in psychology.
Q: You are a highly experienced model—who first discovered you, and how old were you?
A friend of mine told me to give it a try when I was 17. Ford Paris discovered me soon after and my first editorial took place in Paris.
Your Wisdom
Q: So, fashion week is coming up. What advice do you have for girls who are getting ready?
Remember that it’s all connected – your mind, body and well being. So keep your lifestyle balanced and relax as much as you can to prepare your mind and body. Some models enjoy massages, others meet up with friends, work out, do yoga, meditate, go for walks or read. It’s up to you to find out what nourishes your soul. Also, it’s really important to stay hydrated, so drink lots of water to support your health and energy.
Tip: Surround yourself with water bottles, they will remind you to keep drinking! If you need a kick, try green or white tea–both are rich in...