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OTTO KERN präsentiert die neue 'Change' Duft-Kampagne. Hair & Make-up Stef RALBOVSKY - und BLOSSOM als Aussteller auf der UPDATE15 in Berlin

Mit dem Claim 'Change Your View' präsentiert das deutsche Premium-Fashionhaus OTTO KERN seine neue Duft-Kampagne. Den Haare und Make-up Part beim Shoot übernahm BLOSSOM-Visagist Stef RALBOVSKY, die Bilder schoss GoSee Member RENO MEZGER c/o RAWBLACK.

About - Otto Kern is a German fashion designer who founded his own fashion house in 1971. The company is based in Herford in Germany. Since 2000 the company has been in ownership of Ahlers Jsc. and has been cooperating with well-established license-partners for manufacturing women’s clothes and accessories.
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