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news | Dan Carabas presents his 2013 reel, the EKJO PARIS catalogue and the private view film in Paris on GoSee

GoSee presents Berlin based photographer DAN CARABAS’ 2013 show reel. We also have his filmed three-minute catalogue for the EKJO PARIS label. And we have of course already told you about his current exhibition ‘Reflections on Impermanence’ in Paris. Now the virtual video visit is ready for all of you who can’t make it to the LTD Gallery in Paris this month. The look recalls the silent movie era of the 1920s, the film also features scenes from the shoot. FYI Dan also makes a guest appear …

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news | Reflections On Impermanence. Dan Carabas on show at LTD Gallery, Paris

“Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.“ Heraklit DAN CARABAS seeks the space between thoughts and the intimacy of an apparently unobserved moment. He has shot the protagonists of his photos in their own flats, thereby creating authentic, intimate snapshots in time, which, like fleeting ideas, have already passed in the moment that they occurred. The press release continues : "For Dan Carabas, there is true beauty in the spontane …

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news | Dan Carabas : beauty cover spread in 1ST magazine, actress Dorottya Udvaros for Hungarian ELLE, MUST magazine cover story, new website … and UPDATE13 Library

DAN CARABAS photographed the beauty cover story for Austrian magazine 1ST with model Natalia. The location of choice was the Poltrona Frau label Vienna flagship store at Salztorgasse 6 in the city centre. The store is 300 m2, spread across two floors, making it perfect for shoots. Traditional furniture brand Poltrona Frau, established 1912, is synonymous with craftsmanship and valuable workmanship. Dan shot a portrait of actress Dorottya Udvaros for Hungarian ELLE. Dorottya (* 4 August 1954) …

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news | Dan Carabas : actor Diogo Morgado in GQ Portugal cover story and ‘Happy Body’ Johanna Szikszai in ELLE Hungary cover story

DAN CARABAS photographed the cover story for GQ Portugal in Lisbon. Portugese ‘Man of the year’ Diogo Morgado posed for his camera at the Ritz Hotel. Diogo’s full name is Diogo Miguel Morgado Soares and he began his modelling career at the tender age of 14. Since 1998 he has established himself as an actor in soaps and a variety of Telenovelas. His most recent role was that of Antonio Vega Jr. in the Hollywood production ‘Red Butterfly’ in 2013. You might …

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portfolio | GQ

For details check GoSee NEWS.

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