Dan Carabas

Additional Info // about Dan Carabas

German photographer Dan Carabas was born in 1984 in Romania. During the 1989 revolution, he and his family relocated to Germany. It was at the early age of 14 when Dan took his first pictures with his father’s ZENIT camera from the 1970s. Totally in love with this vintage camera, he started developing his cinematic, emotional and painterly style.

Living in Paris from 2008 onwards, he worked at Le Studio Rouchon and assisted some of the most influential photographers of our time - amongst others, Kai Z Feng, Greg Kadel, Lachlan Bailey, Max Vadukul, Satoshi Saïkusa and Michael Baumgarten, shooting for magazines such as VOGUE (FR, GER, NIPPON), VOGUE GIOIELLO, HARPER'S BAZAAR (UK), GQ (FR), NUMERO and others.

Dan is currently a contributor for a variety of international fashion magazines including ELLE, GQ, GLAMOUR, and 1st. His artistic work is exhibited at museums such as KUNSTSCHACHT ZOLLVEREIN, KUNSTHALLE WIEN, ESSL MUSEUM and it is a part of the permanent exhibition at the LDT Gallery in Paris.

In 2013 Dan was invited to contribute his work to the book BLICKFANG – Germany's best photographers.

Dan currently lives between Berlin, Paris and London.
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