Erik Dreyer

news | Posters for FRAUENNOTRUF. Photos by Erik DREYER

Erik Dreyer photographed new poster images for Frauennotruf München e.V. and their international day against violence towards women which aims to raise awareness of assaults on women. Oliver Helligrath from brand.david developed the campaign. It uses an unusual combination of photography and illustration to capture the exact moment when a seemingly harmless touch escalates into a violent situation. The images were created with the support of the Zimt casting agency, Erika Uhl hair/make-up, Max …

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news | For good businesses in Italy. The BLS print campaign, photographed by Erik DREYER

Photographer ERIK DREYER shot an elaborate print campaign for BLS, business location Südtirol. In addition he photographed five images in a nostalgic retro look in cooperation with the brand.david agency. These are aimed at encouraging German entrepreneurs to realise their ‘childhood dreams’ at this attractive location. Last week Erik’s new website went live, check it out at

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news | Erik Dreyer : key visuals for SAT.1 show ‘Ab durch die Mitte’, actress Jutta Speidel for HORIZONT e.V. charity auction, true values with ALLIANZ

Erik Dreyer shot two key visuals for the new SAT.1 ‘Ab durch die Mitte’ early evening quiz show print campaign. The images present the candidates in free-fall, because whoever answers the quiz questions incorrectly disappears through a trapdoor. Erik collaborated with the Brand.David agency to photograph actress Jutta Speidel for HORIZONT e.V. The company held a charity fashion fair on the 11th of July to celebrate its 15th anniversary. In keeping with the event’s concept …

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news | Erik Dreyer : dressed for success for LUFTHANSA, PELZIG stage show and technology's curse

Erik Dreyer photographed an elaborate fashion show in his studio for the product launch of LUFTHANSA's new Euro Cabins. The supervising agency was Wundermann. With the help of 16 extras, the spotlights illuminated the giga-pixel panorama depicting the audience and the catwalk. The production will be on display in a large-scale installation at German airports and is titled 'Dressed for Success'. Erik and his team also developed and realised the poster motif for Frank-Makus Barwasser's new …

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news | Erik Dreyer : shoots the new WINDOWS 7 campaign for MICROSOFT plus free fashion series on GoSee

Erik Dreyer photographed the ‘Time of Change’ campaign for Microsoft in collaboration with the Wundermann agency for Microsoft Germany. A range of high-end personal computers from various manufacturers was portrayed for the new operating system Windows 7. The resulting motifs are currently on display as cross-media expansions of the existing Windows 7 campaign online and on posters in 15 German cities. Furthermore, Erik realised a freelance fashion series. Martine Praessl …

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news | Erik Dreyer : 'Rocking Retirement' - SAT1 TV game show image shoot and a personal series on the dream of flying

Shot another commercial motif for the SAT1 TV channel. The bold image of an OAP’s hand donning a skull ring and studded leather bracelet whilst flashing the horns promotes a new TV show. The ‘Save the Best for Last’ concept sees 25 musical grannies and granddads put their skills to the test in a series that is something between a docu-soap and game show. Erik spent a day in the studio with a six-member pensioner band, where he also shot a vast selection of rocking group …

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