news | DBC : get ready for the summer - the new SCHÖFFERHOFER commercial by Mona El Mansouri (direction) and Carl Sundberg (DOP)

Director Mona El MANSOURI and cameraman Carl SUNDBERG, both c/o DBC BERLIN, created the new SCHÖFFERHOFER commercial. Soup Filmproduktion GmbH carried out the production. Schöfferhofer ‘Weizen Mixes’ taste of hot summer days and cool nights – straight from the bottle. The perfect music for the commercial is courtesy of Slackwax featuring Anna Leyne. We are ready for summer now that we’ve found the right song to accompany it !

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news | DBC - Driven by creatives recommends : crowdfunding for director Robin POLAK's ‘Oskarreif’ has started. Take part !

‘Oskarreif is a satirical short film which mocks clichéd drama and cheesy blockbusters that occupy our TV programme. Marginal groups, animal babies, sex, tears, violence and action in a 15-minute short film! A black comedy about the German-German history and the long way to Hollywood.’ The young German director was born in Prague won gold at the 2009 Young Director Award in the ‘European test commercial’ category. He shot a variety of short films, trailers and comm …

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news | MEDIA MARKT plays with gravity – direction by Alex&Steffen, DOP Maher MALEH

German electronic goods retailer MEDIA MARKT plays around with gravity in their ‘zoom’ commercial. Their current prices are so attractive that they just take us back to earth with their down to earth prices. Directors Alex&Steffen and DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o GoSee Premium Member DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES captured the retail giant at what seems like the speed of light, celebrating their 750th store.

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news | JOHNSON & JOHNSON ask "What makes you a true winner?" – direction by Lennart BREDE

Outift? Weather? Circumstance? Team? Time? Passion? What makes you a winner? To find out JOHNSON & JOHNSON’s answer watch the commercial here on GoSee. Director Lennart BREDE shot the commercial. As part of their ‘True Winners Care!’ campaign Johnson & Johnson GmbH are looking for true stories of people that are taking care of others. true-winners-care.de

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news | DBC - Driven by Creatives : congratulates the Deutschen Werbefilmpreis 2014 winners and presents Andreas Bruns’ winning 'LUX – Save your Skin' commercial

The Berlin based film talent factory told GoSee, "We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Deutsche Werbefilmpreis 2014. We are very happy for Andreas Bruns for winning the award for best young talent with his film 'LUX – Save your Skin'. Also congratulations to Peter Matjasko for winning best camera for his work in 'Konzerthaus Dortmund – Duell'. Colin Taplin and Marketa Korinkova won best Art Department for 'Vodafone - Add Power'. And Best Sounddesign was awarded t …

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news | Got a woody? The 'Is it Ok' commercial featuring Pamela Anderson by director Charley STADLER

Has Pamela Anderson ever given you a ‘woody’? Hmmm… the joys of language. Director Charley STADLER c/o DBC - DRIVEN BY CREATIVES is the man behind the commercial spot to accompany the refreshing alcoholic drink’s latest campaign to appeal to the modern man. The commercial was shot in Auckland, the supervising agency was Barnes, Catmur & Friends. The premixed drink made of Woodstock Bourbon and cola is being relaunched with a new packaging design. CREDITS Produ …

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news | The POLARWEISS commercial celebrates winter – by director and DOP Lutz HATTENHAUER

What is whiter than white? Clearly the POLARWEISS coverage champion. The attached spot clarifies this by using the season that seems to have gone into early hibernation in 2014, at least in Europe: the whiteness of winter. The commercial’s direction and DOP credits for DIY inspiration go to Lutz HATTENHAUER.

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news | DBC : Enjoy the ride... the new CORNETTO commercial by director Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Peter MATJASKO

Winter is almost over so get ready for some ice cream.... Lowe BKK agency commissioned director Matthäus BUSSMANN and DOP Peter MATJASKO, both DBC Berlin, to shoot an action-packed commercial for CORNETTO in Asia. Bullet Bangkok was in charge of production.

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news | RED BULL Air Race - directed by Hinrich PFLUG c/o DBC Berlin and filmed by Christopher HAERING c/o DBC Hamburg for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns in 2014! The series will be back with defending World Champion Paul Bonhomme from the UK among the 12-pilot field after it took a three-year break to improve safety and reorganise. Fans can also look forward to a number of technical improvements, including standard engines and propellers for all pilots. Director Hinrich PFLUG (DBC Berlin) and DOP Christopher HAERING (DBC Hamburg) shot the action-packed teaser film. Katapult Film GmbH headed the pr …

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news | The most aerodynamic serial car worldwide - a demonstration. JvM/365 and DOP Ian FOSTER c/o DBC show the aerodynamic powers of the MERCEDES CLA

The latest MERCEDES BENZ commercial advertises their CLA aerodynamic with a cat. The focus of the advertising film is the low drag coefficient of the Mercedes coupé and even a sleeping cat has no chance against the powers of aerodynamics…. You can see the very cute ‘Cat’ commercial on social network sites and of course here on GoSee. The DOP of choice was the multi-award winning Ian FOSTER c/o DBC. The song ‘Cats Duet’, performed by Nadja Michael, accomp …

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