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news | Egger Grey Illustrators : interview with English illustrator Neil DUERDEN on composition, the demand for individual advertising and the tonality of advertising in England compared to that in Germany

The borders between photography, image editing and illustration have become blurred for quite some time now. Neil DUERDEN c/o EGGER GREY is a good example of this. He actually meets the job description of an illustrator: he visualises commercial communication and adds emotional aspects through his imagery. He doesn’t just mainly work on the computer ‘sketching’ lines and adding colours and effects, he also uses ‘raw material’ from other sources and creates imager …

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news | Egger Grey : THEODARA mineral water, architectural illustrated book covers, ULTIMAT Vodka, CORNETTO and a cool selection of illustrated, explosive and colourful drinks

Refreshing in the summer or thirst quenching in winter. THEODARA mineral water comes from one of the oldest wells in Hungary. Hungarian illustrator Agnes BERTA created the young and detailed look. The 28-year old studied at the renowned Moholy-Nagy University for Art and Design, formerly known as the Hungarian College for Art and Design. She regularly illustrates for Hungarian magazines, composes storyboards and creates characters in her very own signature style. Laszlo NAGY illustrated mult …

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news | GoSee QVEST : we pay Anne QUADFLIEG a visit in Hamburg. The illustrator chats with us about her new passion for watercolours, briefings, cocktail chromatics and her personal Hamburg hot spots

Editorials, storyboards, packaging illustrations and children’s books: illustrator Anne QUADFLIEG expresses herself in beautiful watercolours, collages, in ink and feathers and sometimes even just armed with a pencil in colour as well as black and white. Since 2010 she has been working as a freelance illustrator in Hamburg. She currently mainly works for magazines and publishing houses. But you can of course also book her for advertising jobs and campaigns, approach her about a book projec …

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news | Egger Grey : illustrated maps for BRIGITTE readers that like to travel, LAVIVA illustrations, wood illustrations for DAS MAGAZIN, stamps for Hungary and new entry Laszlo NAGY with concert posters

Anne QUADFLIEG illustrated a variety of maps for BRIGITTE magazine readers who are fond of travelling. She created illustrations in a fresh style for LAVIVA and DAS MAGAZIN commissioned her to produce wood illustrations. Hungarian illustrator Zsolt VIDAK graduated from the renowned Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in 2008 and has been working for international magazines, design studios and agencies ever since. He also illustrated multiple stamps for the Hungarian post; one example is …

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news | Egger Grey : LUFTHANSA and Wunderman website promotion, DONTODENT, ‘Forever Light’ diet guide, ADORABLE HAIR salon, new entry and infographic specialist Andras BARANYAI

At the end of last year, Zsolt VIDAK (advertising, editorials, book covers, letterings) illustrated three web promotions and give aways for Wunderman Frankfurt and LUFTHANSA. Oliver Ellger was the art director for Lufthansa eXperts and Mario Wurzrainer for Lufthansa Holidays. GoSee also presents two unreleased screens from the Pingu game, which Zsolt made just for fun after the release of the game. He created online animation on work safety for client EON. Stephanie WIEHLE (advertising, e …

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news | NEW : Egger Grey – Illustrator Agency, Berlin; proudly presents the surreal-real worlds of Neil DUERDEN, Giulio IURISSEVICH, Gaspar TAMAS and all other artists at UPdate12

EGGER GREY Berlin is a new entry at GoSee. Since first setting up the agency in 2011, Kris Krueger has rad a wide range of illustrators working on an international basis. His 18 artists illustrate for clients in fashion, game development, entertainment, music, media, telecommunication, publishing etc. Techniques include Indian ink, ink, acryl or pen, digital 2D, backplate / background, cartoon, collage, commercials, composing, lettering… from surreal to real. Before setting up his …

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