Rockenfeller & Göbels

news | MEISSEN COUTURE Home Deco. Photography by Jochen ARNDT

Jochen ARNDT photographed the finest porcelain for MEISSEN COUTURE. The Easter still lifes were created in collaboration with stylist Nici Teuerkauf using the heritage brand’s most exquisite pieces. They commissioned the Berlin photographer to shoot the entire Spring 2014 catalogue.

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news | Rich, Sharp & Splashy – liquids expert Peter SCHAFRICK produces photos and film for RED BULL

Peter SCHAFRICK cracked out the cans for RED BULL. The liquid specialist completed his umpteenth shoot for the Austrian energy drink. Peter created an individual look for each drink in the range and came up with the accompanying light mood. In addition he created a film, which you can view on his BLOG. The agency was Kastner & Partners, based in his hometown of Toronto.

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news | Marcus MAY kids shoot for COLORADO jeans campaign and personal work in South Africa

Marcus MAY returned from South Africa with a suitcase packed full of rocking, youthful photography. Whilst others were busy sunning in South Africa, the Hamburg lifestyle and people photographer worked on several new personal projects. True friendship and true family tribes. Feeling and authenticity. Marcus MAY’s commercial work also takes inspiration from his personal work. He photographed the new kids campaign for the upcoming summer season for COLORADO jeans. Kids were being themselves …

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news | Fondant Fancies. Easter fashion in ESSENTIALS magazine. Photography by Peter ZOWNIR

Photographer Peter ZOWNIR captured pastel Easter looks in London for the May issue of ESSENTIALS magazine.

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news | Actor Dominic Raacke for DONNA magazine – photography by GABO

GABO shot a portrait of actor and screenplay writer Dominic Raacke for DONNA magazine. Gabo’s Düsseldorf based agency Rockenenfeller & Göbels comments, “Raacke, who is used to being in the limelight posed in bold, fierce rock star like stances”. Go see for yourself.

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news | Robert JASO shoots ‘Versace Special’ for ODDA magazine

ODDA magazine specialises in exclusive boutique fashion, which is consequently presented in just as exclusive photo spreads. Paris fashion photographer Robert JASO shot the Versace Atelier Collection modelled by Lidia on a basement / garage inspired set lit with just as unusual lighting.

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news | ‘Seagulls in a pool’ – new personal series by Michael HAEGELE

Photographer Michael HAEGELE’s personal series ‘Seagulls in a Pool’ applies a graphic and stylised look to capture the calm of a pool in Spain pre-peak season.

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news | Bine BELLMANN completes another yummy shoot for VAPIANO

Food photographer Bine BELLMANN shot the new VAPIANO online campaign. The images make our mouths water for fresh summer foods Italian style. The airy lighting sets the mood and the natural style reflects the company’s fresh and contemporary philosophy. New York, Vienna, Zurich, Budapest, Munich, Mexico City,... there are over 130 Vapianos worldwide. The business has restaurants all over Europe and specialises in light Italian pasta, a la minute and menus, served self-service style. vapiano …

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news | Jochen MANZ portrays luxury yacht designer John Shuttleworth for MAZDA

Luxury yacht designer John Shuttleworth goes hand in hand with the philosophy behind MAZDA’s new SKYACTIVE technology. Advertising and documentary pro Jochen MANZ encountered the designer and his breath-taking super yacht on his travels in Mazda world. The Adastra yacht appears to tick all the sustainability boxes, using only a seventh of the fuel usually required by a traditional ship, but certainly doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to exclusivity and grand design either. …

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news | More drive, more style. Frank SCHEMMANN photographs German tennis star Sabine Lisicki for PEUGEOT 207 CC

Frank SCHEMMANN photographed tennis star Sabine Lisicki for PEUGEOT. Peugeot announced the Wimbledon finalist, who is currently one of the most famous tennis talents in Germany, as their brand ambassador. The French car brand feels the tennis talent’s game is a perfect match for their ‘motion & emotion claim. Successful Sabine commented on the last IAA: “I am delighted to be PEUGEOT’s new brand ambassador. I am a fighter, so I can particularly identify with a brand wh …

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