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news | Gold Postproduction : MARC O'POLO SS 13, BETTY BARCLAY fragrance campaign, SLOGGI Invisible campaign for TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, botanist Dr.Wolf-Dieter Storl for WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE and GLAMOUR editorial

Thomas SCHENK c/o SHOTVIEW photographed model Dimphy Janse for the MARC O'POLO Spring/Summer 2013 product folder. The campaign images that Gold Postproduction worked on after winning a pitch for SLOGGI by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL last year were recently released. Andreas HOSCH c/o F1 shot the SLOGGI Invisible campaign. Robert BREMBECK c/o TEAM HOUSE photographed portraits of botanist and cultural anthropologist Dr. Wolf-Dieter Storl. WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE published fascinating and atmospheric ima …

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news | Gold Postproduktion : COMMA THE FRAGRANCE campaign, Olympian Verena Sailer for WOMEN´S HEALTH and New York men’s wear label STNTN

David Oldham shot the new campaign images for COMMA THE FRAGRANCE. Gold Postproduction was commissioned by the Ofenstein advertising agency to edit the pictures. The campaign’s message of fragility, strength and glamour is emphasised in the impressive portrait photos, which ooze strength and sensuality. Click here for the making-of the shoot. The Olympics are calling: Rasmus KAESSMANN c/o TEAMHOUSE photographed German Olympian Verena Sailer for an editorial in WOMEN´S HEALTH. …

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news | Gold Postproduction : ‘We Move, We Sale’ campaign for MAENDLER heritage brand and editorial in SUPERIOR online magazine

The campaign for the final sale of the traditional MAENDLER brand was created by the creative agency SVENPETER. One particular eye-catcher of the campaign is the neon-pink colour tint 806. The special sale will take place until the end of June in the Maendler shop located on the legendary Theatinerstr.7 in Munich. Maender has been 'in the service of fashion since 1811', according to the website. The Maendler fashion house was founded back in 1934 by Josef Maendler as 'Modeaus Maendler Munich …

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news | Gold Postproduction : Ottfried Fischer for SZ magazine and Germany’s Next Top Model Jana Beller in the 'Blue Ink' editorial

Robert Brembeck photographed actor Ottfried Fischer in the Bad Füssing health resort for SZ magazine. Gold subsequently fine-polished the atmospheric pictures in close communication with the photographer. Jens Mauritz photographed last year's Germany's Next Top Model Jana Beller for the 'Blue Ink' editorial. Once again, Gold was in charge of the post-production and the composing of the special effects, which gave the editorial its name.

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news | Gold Postproduktion : ROCKBERRIES online campaign, MARC O'POLO Fall/Winter 2012 press images, UMNO magazine

Gold was in charge of picture processing and post-production for the Munich jewellery atelier ROCKBERRIES.COM. The 14 motifs were photographed by Jens Mauritz and will be used in the online campaign. Jana Beller from this year's season of Germany's Next Top model was the campaign's model. Regine von Schlieffen from supervised the production of the campaign. The motifs will be on display from early December on MARC O'POLO commissioned Gold with the post …

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news | Gold Postproduktion: composing and photo editing for the LOEWE Misty Miller 'Wild Thing' campaign

Scholz & Friends produced a market launch campaign for the new products in audio for Kronach-based company LOEWE. The campaign was accompanied by a testimonial of Misty Miller, an exceptional and upcoming talent in the music business. Piet Truhlar photographed Misty Miller. Apart from two product films to be displayed in retail stores, the campaign encompasses a new print campaign that will be featured in magazines, an online campaign as well as B2B-communication. In cooperation w …

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news | Gold Postproduktion : Action, Traditional and Performance Sports - picture editing for ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BIKE

At the start of the year, Bloom Project, commissioned by Messe München, launched a new campaign for ISPO MUNICH. The campaign presents power-charged bold sports motifs from the three Sports, Traditional Sports and Performance Sports segments. The continuous element is provided by the new logo’s arrow, with a different colour for each segment. The campaign has now been expanded with additional motifs for the ISPO BIKE. The idea and realisation was once again based on the ISPO MUNIC …

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news | Gold Postproduktion : Modern Woman - new brand image for ONE TOUCH, ERFO Spring/Summer 2012, SZ MAGAZINE report

The ONE TOUCH brand seeks to position itself in the ‘Modern Woman’ niche by means of its August collection 2011. The OneTouch motifs were produced in Markus Jans’ studio. Martena Duss tended to model Zusanna Gregorova’s hair & make-up. Munich-based Gold took care of the 13 motifs’ post-production. Apart from a completely new brand image, great priority was placed on increasing the product quality, for which Head of Design Roland Schneckenburger created an in …

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news | Gold Postproduction : Safari Style - GERRY WEBER's new brand identity look and S/S trends by ERFO

Red sand, hot sun, vast landscapes. The Gold post-production retouch crew produced eight key visuals for the GERRY WEBER spring / summer 2011 collection and also worked on the campaign looks. Dirk Lambrech photographed the collection safari style. He created the fashion visuals together with model Eugenia de Silva in the Namibian desert. The Valerien ad agency developed the campaign, which conveys self-confident femininity and female independence du jour. It accentuates the sovereignty and t …

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