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news | IdN v22n3 : Designer Typefaces – Which type are you – Trained or Instinctive?

Is there a downside to making your own lettering rather than commissioning a specialist or buying off the shelf? IdN asked 13 top designers for their views on this crucial question, illustrated by examples of their work. Sneak preview on GoSee.

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news | IdN Extra 11 : Cercle #03 – Insects. Ein unbestreitbares Design-Plädoyer für die (un)geliebten Kerbtiere

Ob anziehend oder abstoßend, Insekten sind unbestreitbar die Herrscher dieser Welt, was auch immer Menschen denken. Sie machen 80% der Lebewesen auf diesem Planeten aus. Die IdN Extra 11 Ausgabe 'Cercle #03 - Insects' widmet den kleinen Genossen ein ganzes Heft und zeigt, wie sie zugleich Kunstmaterial und eine Lösung für die Zukunft sein können. Einen ersten Einblick bekommt Ihr hier auf GoSee. "Appealing or revolting, insects undeniably remain the masters of the wo …

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news | IdN v22n2: Collective Studios - über den Vorteil des losen Zusammenhaltes, das Heft ab sofort im Handel

Die IdN v22n2 Ausgabe titelt "Collective Studios – Collective Farming for Creatives". Und erklärt ihr Thema folgendermassen: "There is a growing trend away from the formal, hierarchical design studio towards loosely amalgamated peer groups often called collectives. IdN talked to nine such entities about the advantages of working this way." Einige Motive auf GoSee, der schöne Rest im Heft. …

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news | IdN v22n1: Colour and Graphics - die wahrscheinlich bunteste Ausgabe überhaupt! Die Sneak Preview für Euch auf GoSee

Das idN Magazin V22n1 präsentiert Euch die wahrscheinlich bunteste Ausgabe, die es jemals gab. Auf farbintensiven 92 Seiten melden sich neun tonangebende Kreative zu Wort und Bild, die sich mit ihren ausgelassenen Ansätzen im Bezug auf Farbe einen Namen gemacht haben. Sie erklären genau warum und wie sie das bewerkstelligen. Die Kreativen sind unter anderem Anagrama, Marta Gawin, Carnovsky, Feixen, Eddie Perrote, Anymade Studio, Maser, Maud Vantours und Rocket & Wink. Das Heft …

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news | IdN - Makeshift #12: Laws & Orders. Jetzt bist Du hier der Sheriff! Ein GoSee-Blick ins neue Heft

Makeshift #12: Laws & Orders - die Ausgabe beleuchtet Hochzeitsdetektive, selbstgemachte Superhelden und selbsternannte Waffenschmiede, die besonders kreative Wege zur Gerechtigkeit finden. Wenn Du bei Deiner Arbeit also mal an gedankliche Straßensperren stößt, zerhack sie, bau um sie herum, mach sie besser. Go & Buy die neue Ausgabe. About - Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircraft in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers …

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news | IdN Extra 10: Living Like A Designer, wir zeigen Euch die exklusive Magazinvorschau auf GoSee

"Designer products and items are all the craze these days." so das Fazit des Magazins IdN. "Although technically every product is crafted by a designer, what sets a designer product apart is the ability to transcend it’s own usability and functionality, perhaps even emanate its own character and style. In this special issue, we feature 160+ products from 38 designers and studios. From designer homeware and furnishings to everyday objects, wearable products and items to fashi …

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news | IdN v21n6: best ever Packaging Design Issue, wie immer die exklusive Sneak Preview für Euch auf GoSee

"It's Love at First Sight!" so IdN about the eye-catching world of packing design. At the very moment they are presenting their biggest-ever feature story with more than 50 of their favourite packaging designs by 42 creatives who specialise in packaging design – "toughest of genres" according to IdN. Plus their thoughts on how to excel at it. "This is one you’ll want to save." we quote IdN - and we at GoSee think they are right. …

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news | IdN v21n5 comes up with 'Maximalism – Max it out', sneak preview on GoSee

In art, as in sex, size doesn’t matter. From what we have heard ..... There are huge works of minimalism as well as mini-masterpieces of maximalism. Instead of containing the least number of elements, maximalism encompasses the most in a single work. If you are tired of being told that less is more and small is beautiful, try to letting it all hang out and rip up the rules! And IdN is there to help : or …

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news | IdN Magazine : Adbusters #117 - Blueprint for a New World Part VI (Aesthetico)

Our Crisis Is A Crisis of Aesthetics. Finally, Aesthetico: the much-awaited last issue of the Blueprint for a New World series … a call for an aesthetic awakening, a re-wilding of the capitalist imagination — an adjustment to the mood, the tone, the style and thrust of our lives that has to happen if we’re going to have any kind of a future on this planet. or Go & See : …

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news | IdN Magazin : präsentiert Adbusters #116, blueprint for a New World Part V (Politico) – 'No Future'

In the penultimate issue of our Blueprint for a New World series, IdN takes on the global smörgåsbord of red-alert headlines as the floorboards of the capitalist project give their last protesting creaks. IdN zu GoSee : "By unmasking the automaton-equation nibbling at the heart of our society, we look back and reach out beyond the mainstream to find voices of dissent past, present and impending… and remind ourselves that the seeds are already sown and the forecast calls …

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