news | Imagerefinery :VATTENFALL images, liquid woman for LightLive and protein powder arm for MEN´S HEALTH

Butter.GmbH Berlin commissioned Arne Lesmann to photograph the current campaign for VATENFALL energy providers in Hamburg. IMAGEREFINERY was in charge of adding the finishing touches to the realistic images. BBS Hamburg brought in IMAGEREFINERY to create a woman from liquid for LightLive and collaborated with photographer Bernd EBSEN c/o KARINA BEDNORZ to sculpt a muscular arm from protein powder for MEN'S HEALTH.

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news | Imagerefinery : and Florian Geiss and ‘Rain of Flowers 2.0’ campaign for Deutsche TELEKOM, images on GoSee

Hamburg based photographer Florian Geiss created the new ‘Rain of Flowers 2.0’ - campaign for TELEKOM Germany. The location for this atmospheric and beautifully backlit shoot was Barcelona and the spread easily follows the success of the 2009 campaign. The agency in charge was DDB Tribal and GoSee member IMAGEREFINERY carried out the fine tuning during post-production.

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news | Imagerefinery : post-production for the Olympics and Paralympics on ARD and ZDF

German TV channels ARD and ZDF are currently promoting their posters for the London Olympics and Paralympics. Serviceplan Berlin developed the campaign. Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed the campaign and entrusted IMAGEREFINERY with the post-production. A dynamic look was developed that would do the large-scale sporting event justice.

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news | Imagerefinery : full CGI for DIY retail chain OBI's new store openings

The Bartel, Brömmel, Struck und Partner advertising agency developed the 'Jack-in-the-Box' module campaign for DIY-chain OBI and its new openings in 2012. Depending on the occasion, city names or seasonal symbols jump out of the roof of the 'opened' DIY-store. IMAGEREFINERY realised the complete DIY-store, its surroundings as well as the piggy bank in 3D. A handful of elements, such as the helm and a few parts of the vegetation were realised using stock solutions. The stylised D …

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news | Imagerefinery : post-production for the WER LIEFERT WAS? service provider search engine

The WER LIEFERT WAS? services search engine is promoting its in-house USP with a new campaign – always in touch with the client and capable of recommending and finding the perfect service provider. The idea was developed by DeepBlue Networks and was subsequently handed over to IMAGEREFINERY for realisation. The visuals communicate the immediate proximity between the search engine’s recommendations and the clients. IMAGEREFINERY completed the project using only stock images. T …

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news | Imagerefinery : post in XXL for LUFTHANSA and Germany's largest advertising surface, plus the 'I love Europe' campaign

IMAGEREFINERY redefined image size anew for Lufthansa and MECH Berlin. The task was to put up posters all over the exterior façade of the Munich airport, Terminal 2. Measuring 111 x 19 meters, it is not only an extreme panorama wall, but also the largest advertising space in Germany. Due to architectural restrictions, the viewer can only get within 10 meters of the spectacle. Hence, all the details, which are usually harder to tell apart on large-scale adverts, now became easier to spo …

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