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news | Betina Du TOIT c/o INFIDELS SA photographs Sebastian Sauve for SCHÖN! MAG and beautiful young sisters for CONTRIBUTOR MAGAZINE

Sebastian Sauve is photographed by BETINA DU TOIT für SCHÖN! MAGAZINE. "This male model needs little, if any, introduction. Whether it be in front of the camera, in the glossy pages of Issue 11, or behind the camera, directing an exclusive fashion film, it is safe to say that Sebastian will always have a home at Schön! Caught on camera in an intimate series by Betina du Toit here, his boyish good looks and signature structured cheek bones grace us with their presence once aga …

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news | SVEN JACOBSEN snapped ‘Downtown Abbey Men’ for THE GUARDIAN

SVEN JACOBSEN snapped the ‘Downtown Abbey Men’ spread for THE GUARDIAN (as reported by GoSee).

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news | ‘Body of Work’ spread for ELLE SA by Justin POLKEY and make-up artist Toni GREENBERG

Arms, Bum, Stomach - the ‘Body Of Work’ spread doesn’t miss a beat. Justin POLKEY photographed the spread for South African ELLE. His agency colleague Toni GREENBERG applied the make-up on the sporty set in a beautiful location.

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news | ‘Nude’ spread for GASCHETTE magazine by Steve MARAIS

The playful beauty spread titled ‘Nude’ for GASCHETTE magazine shows us nudity in an abstract sense. The photographer was Steve MARAIS c/o INFIDELS, South Africa.

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news | ‘Rock Star Chic: The dark side of high fashion’ the book with pictures by Fabrizio RAINONE is out now

Pictures by Fabrizio RAINONE feature in the book ‘Rock Star Chic: The dark side of high fashion’, curated by Patrice Farameh and published by The Curated Collection. The project is a limited edition of 1,000 books and explores the aesthetic of rock star fashion across products, fashion and editorials. Other photographers featured in the book are Christopher Steinmeyer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Krieger Watches and Sofia Fitzpatrick. You can purchase it for 195 Dollars from Barney' …

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news | ‘Wear nothing but gold’. The POND'S Gold Radiance campaign and summer in GRAZIA. Photos by Aubrey JONSSON

‘Wear nothing but gold’. Aubrey JONSSON recently photographed the POND'S Gold Radiance campaign in collaboration with multi-award winning South African fashion designer David Tlale. Model Tanya Manganyi posed for his camera. The supervising agency was Ogilvy Singapore with Art Buyer Ping Lim. Aubrey Jonsson also produced the ‘Material Girl, Digital World’ spread for GRAZIA. Think about it – it’s always summer somewhere!

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news | Puma advertorial for A FASHION FRIEND and MARIE CLAIRE editorial by stylist Bee DIAMONDHEAD

Stylist Bee DIAMONDHEAD was responsible for the look of the exclusive PUMA advertorial for A FASHION FRIEND. And Bee’s high end styling also looked great in the editorial for MARIE CLAIRE, which we are pleased to present on GoSee

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news | Infidels : Inge Beckmann for GUINNESS film portrait, SOVIET campaign, GRAZIA, ZOOM S/S campaign, BEATENBERG, YARA TRAIL S/S campaign, INSTITUTE mag, Tamara Dey and Isaac Klawansky for GASCHETTE mag, Chiano Sky for TRIUMPH ....

Mystical black and white in secretive foggy forests - Nadege HAJEE SANZ was the DOP on set of the filmed musician mini portrait of singer Inge Beckmann, the front woman of South African band Lark, which we are pleased to present here on GoSee. GUINNESS commissioned the project. Aubrey JONSSON shot the current campaign images for SOVIET's ‘Fashion in Revolt’. He received hair, make-up and grooming support on set from Kelli FUCHS, likewise represented by INFIDELS. We also have Au …

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news | Infidels : ELLE cover story with super model Oluchi, SLAVE magazine, ADIDAS ORIGINALS, MASTERCARD campaign, LOVE PEA A/W 13, FIRESTONE, GRAZIA and TRUE LOVE

ADIDAS just celebrated a premiere on African land: the first fashion show on the continent took place on 15 August. And the accompanying exhibition opened to the public on 20 August 2013. It features the show’s artwork as well as the latest designs by Adidas. We have the Adidas Originals Fashion Show AREA3 2013 Preview Video with hair and make-up by Infidels Artist Sian MOSS. Travys Owen is the person to thank for the teaser and Markus Wormstorm came up with the soundtrack. Justin …

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