Steffen Jahn

news | Steffen Jahn photographs the Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet

Nope, Steffen did not have to travel far for this photo shoot! He snapped the Porsche premium model, the 911 Turbo cabriolet, in the studio and then added the CGI landscape in post-production. During the day they had a barbecue in the garden (Steffen Jahn says: ‘thanks Uli !’) and in the evening Steffen was already on the plane heading to Hong Kong. More details coming soon on GoSee.

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news | Steffen Jahn : on a high with BMW Active Tourer

An arctic puffer jacket wasn’t enough – producer and GoSee member ANGELIKA SYNEK had to warm up photographer STEFFEN JAHN and his team with litres of hot espresso. Snow and rain made the crew’s life difficult – and yet in the end the sun is shining on all of the pictures! A super content Steffen Jahn told GoSee, "big thanks to the BMW-Team, for safely driving the delicate concept car up and down the adventurously steep mountains roads and making the impossible possib …

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news | Steffen Jahn : on location in Kiev for RANGE ROVER’s ONELIFE magazine and contemporary lighting concept for PORSCHE CAYENNE GTS studio shoot

Steffen Jahn was on the road in Kiev in the freezing cold for Range Rover’s magazine ONELIFE. A couple of weeks ago Steffen drove car-to-car in the SUV to Majdan where protests are currently taking place. Steffen reports, “the coldest and most dangerous drive I have ever experienced in a camera car”. Thank goodness he returned safe and sound – and with a series of pictures of the PORSCHE CAYENNE GTS to boot, boasting refined lighting composition with the green PS monster …

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news | Gold is Best ! Steffen JAHN photographs driving first prizes in Macau

China agrees with the rest of the world : gold is best ! It’s no surprise then, that the first prizes for the high rollers at the world’s biggest casino, the Galaxy in Macau, are gold-plated cars. As there are no photo studios in Macau, the team converted the local BMW garage to a car studio over the course of many days. Steffen Jahn told us that this happened in sweltering heat and at least 120% humidity. Photographer STEFFEN JAHN’s team worked on lighting the extremely shiny …

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news | Steffen Jahn photographs day and night in Dubai with the BMW X4 concept car

STEFFEN JAHN photographed the BMW X4 concept car. Sweltering heat and blistering sun – just the right climate to shoot the sensitive BMW X4 concept car in Dubai. The specialist team was forced to attempt to cool the vehicle with tents and fans accordingly. Photographer STEFFEN JAHN told GoSee: ‘luckily the temperatures dropped to below 40°C at night … And that’s when we produced the spectacular night photographs with the glittering desert city in the background. A …

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news | Steffen Jahn : Infiniti agency KöckritzDörrich commission to photograph the INFINITI special FX Sebastian Vettel car

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel for round four! INFINITI celebrates the new world champion with a special version of the FX model. The F1 pilot got to build his dream car with the INFINITI head designers and Steffen Jahn captured the result in a perfect series of photographs. Infiniti agency KöckritzDörrich commissioned Steffen Jahn for the job. The exclusive images were created in collaboration with London post-production agency Saddington Baynes and Wagnerchic. Stefan Pfeil pr …

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news | Steffen Jahn : concept in California - the BMW i3 Concept Car wows with electrifying panorama view

Concept in California – transportation specialist STEFFEN JAHN drove around California with BMW’s little electronic car, the BMW i3 Concept Car. It’s difficult to keep this car a secret when it’s so attention grabbing! Steffen told GoSee: ‘the security guys had a few nerve-racking moments, but luckily everything remained top secret!’ The BMW i3 is powered by an electronic engine and is completely emission free and therefore the perfect partner for city …

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news | Steffen Jahn : sexy times with JAGUAR XF Sportbrake, champagne tasting at Moet Chandon with BMW

JAGUAR put their foot on the gas and sent Steffen to Malaga to shoot the European XF SPORTBRAKE campaign. The large-scale production was very elaborate and included heavy-duty cranes loading the car onto the aluminium plate and into the Spanish sky – all the props you can see in the images were actually suspended mid-air - a pretty old school technique, without the use of Photoshop. Spark44 agency had everything transported to Spain in a low loader, from bicycles to snowboards. Smoke & …

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news | Steffen Jahn : I drive NYC for CHRISTOPHORUS magazine, ‘Chasing the Sun’ for AUDI magazine, UK and personal work

‘I drive NYC’ – how about driving through New York in a dreamy 356? Follow the route of the very first Porsche 356 from the harbour to the showroom on Park Avenue? Well, Steffen JAHN got to and had loads of fun. Big thanks here on GoSee go to Porsche’s CHRISTOPHORUS magazine. Chasing the sun’ – AUDI magazine commissioned Steffen to step on the gas in the Audi R8 Spyder and chase the Norwegian summer’s sun… Jonny Smith was behind the whee …

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news | Steffen Jahn : AUDI A3 interiors, following the trail of the first Porsche in America with CHRISTOPHERUS MAG, the AMG C63 COUPE on the Hockenheimring race track

Steffen shot fresh and lively interiors of the new AUDI A3 for Phillipp and Keuntje. Artful light direction really brought out the new, high quality materials. ‘Yes, dream jobs still exist – driving through New York in a classic Porsche 356…’ Steffen was in New York for Porsche’s CHRISTOPHORUS magazine to photograph the very route the first Porsche took in America over 50 years ago – from the harbour to the showroom on Park Avenue. And along the way he al …

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