Michel Jaussi

news | The big view with open skies for AIR LIQUDE and personal CGI series with the new Mercedes GLK – by Michel Jaussi

Photographer MICHEL JAUSSI shot six campaign images for global business AIR LIQUIDE and their Swiss subsidiary company CARBAGS. The Air Liquide Group is the world’s leading supplier of gases for industry, medicine and the environment. An image inspired by the company’s Air Liquide name was created for each of the business market sectors, with plenty of sky in the background. In Flagranti advertising agency created the attached campaign, presented here on GoSee. The agency team co …

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news | High in the sky for NOMAD AVIATION – photos by Michel JAUSSI

Michel Jaussi jetted off to New York for NOMAD AVIATION. The international company offers charter flights around the world and commissioned Michel to shoot three images. Two of these were shot at 3,000 metres even higher, at airy heights. One motif was photographed as a lifestyle image and completed on the narrow streets of New York. GoSee Member PATRICK SALONEN carried out the post-production.

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news | A grassy swimming pool for SUVA and Leo Burnett Switzerland and personal work – all by Michel JAUSSI

Michel Jaussi shot an incredibly quirky image for Swiss accident insurance company SUVA and Leo Burnett Switzerland. SUVA also offers loans to the public sector. They have been investing capital in loans to public sector debtors for over 70 years. Suva has thus been supporting communities with the financing of infrastructure projects that help local people. To raise awareness amongst communities of SUVA’s work Leo Burnett Switzerland created a campaign that aims to show what can happen when lo …

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news | Michel Jaussi : landscape images for a self published book, land of quattro for AUDI, stock exchange for SWISSQUOTE and blue stripes on the road as a personal series

Michel Jaussi presents impressive landscape and cityscape images, which he produced for a self-published book, on various locations around the world. The aim of his series is to show expressive, wide and open landscapes. GoSee member PATRICK SALONEN carried out the subtle and professional post-production. Michel got to photograph the Swiss micro site – land of quattro - for AUDI. He took some of the pictures in the most remote corners of Switzerland. The agency in charge was Advico Youn …

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news | Michel Jaussi : fire trails in the sky and flying balls in New York, cornering lights for RENAULT and image world for THURGAUER KANTONALBANK

We present two free series that photographer MICHEL JAUSSI created in collaboration with image editing artist and GoSee member PATRICK SALONEN. One is the impressive fire trail, which makes its way through various exciting landscapes and the other features flying balls, which almost besiege New York’s Times Square. Michel told GoSee: ‘it can always spark an idea…’ Michel had the chance to snap the cornering lights for RENAULT in the Swiss Alps. The agency in charg …

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news | Michel Jaussi : new AUDI Q3 and A6 in the snow, landscape shots for KROMBACHER and dramatic landscape series from France

This autumn, Michel Jaussi had the pleasure of realising another winter shoot for AUDI Switzerland. The wintry pictures will also be used as ad motifs in other European countries. The brief was to create a portrait of the new AUDI Q3 and the A6 in the midst of a snowy landscape, one driving motif and four fixed motifs each. For this purpose, Michel had to ascend the staggering heights of the Italian Alps to ensure that the autumn production would yield pictures full of snow. Thanks to his co …

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