Jen Osborne

Additional Info // about Jen Osborne

Jen Osborne is represented by Darling Creative in the UK:
and by Gang of Berlin in Berlin.


Fabrica, The United COLORS of Benetton Research Centre. 2007-2009. Treviso, Italy.
Eddie Adams Workshop. 2009. Liberty, New York, USA. *award winner
Photographic and Academic Studies. 2003 - 2005. Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. *on full scholarship
Jazz Piano Studies. 2002 - 2003. Humber College, Toronto, Canada. *on full scholarship

Selected Group Exhibitions

"Pride Photo Award". April 2013, Hengelo City Hall - The Netherlands.
"The Face: Photovisa IV". October 2012, International Festival of Photography – Krasnodar, Russia.
"UPdate Salon for Photography". October 2012, Ritz Carlton – Berlin, Germany.
"Pride Photo Award 2012". September 2012, Old Church – Amsterdam.
"The Art of Photography". September 2012, San Diego Art Institue – USA.
"The Berliners". September 2012, Flughafen Tempelhof – Berlin, Germany.
"Foto8 Summershow". July 2012, Foto8 Gallery – London, England.
"Gang of Berlin: An Introduction". December 2011, Upper Orange Gallery – Berlin, Germany.
"Borders: An SLPS Slideshow". November 2011, HBC – Berlin, Germany.
"Scratch and Sniff: The 2011 Vice Photo Show". July 2011, 298 Elizabeth Street – Chelsea, New York.
"Facing Forward". February 2011, Forward Thinking Musuem – Existing solely in virtual space.
"2ReGeneration2: Photographers of Tomorrow, Today".
(Touring internationally to many locations including but not limited to: )
Musee de l’Elysee - Lausanne, Switzerland in June 2010; Les Recontres d'Arles – Arles, France in July 2010; Pingyao International Photography Festival – Pingyao, China in September 2010; Flash Forward Festival – Toronto, Canada in October 2010; Fotoweek DC – Washington, USA in November 2010; Centre Gallery, Miami Dade College – Miami, USA in November 2010; Aperture Gallery – New York, USA in January 2011; Galerie Azzedine Alaia – Paris, France in April 2011.
"Natural Hazards: Lincoln Clarkes, Jen Osborne, Byron Dauncey". November 2010, Catalog Gallery – Vancouver, Canada.
"Women's Work: An SLPS Slideshow". March 2010, Kopeiken Gallery – Los Angeles, USA.
"6x6 Women - Contemporary Female Photographers of Today".
December 2009, Studio La Citta – Verona, Italy.
"Colors of Money". July 2009, Carré Rotondes – Hollerich, Luxembourg.
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