J. Konrad Schmidt

news | J. Konrad Schmidt : editorial in HORIZONTE magazine, INTERSTUHL'Silver' 2012 art calendar, BELLA BERLIN, CLUESO and Night.Capture visuals

J. Konrad SCHMIDT photographed the soon-to-be-demolished philharmonic orchestra building in Suhl in a traditional analogue fashion for HORIZONTE magazine Nr.2. “I was literally the last one ever to set foot in the building with a camera. The demolition has since been carried out.” And the text for the editorial 'Architecture of the Moment' was also penned by Konrad himself. In tandem with photographers René STAUD, Ralph Richter, Kanjo Take and Manfred Rieker, he contributed …

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news | J. Konrad Schmidt : 'The Corset Piercing' and the woman with an unusual foible, as well as personal portraits and fashion shoots

After a quarter of a year of preparation and intense research, J. Konrad Schmidt was finally able to realise an unusual series: ‘The Corset Piercing’. The images are entirely authentic and without any Photoshop tricks. Vicky posed for the camera and revealed her eccentric foible. The meticulously planned dream project was realised in a team effort: Ulrike Schlüter compiled the looks, Helge Branscheidt styled the hair and Nina Park applied the make-up. J. Konrad headed th …

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news | J. Konrad Schmidt : Clueso & Band concert photos for FOUR MUSIC, free summer series and relocation to Hamburg

Countless concert photos were realised in collaboration with Zughafen Musikproduktion Management, Erfurt for long standing client FOUR MUSIC and the booklet and accompanying campaign for Clueso & Band’s latest live album; ‘So sehr dabei – Live’. The Thuringen-born musician recently received the 1LIVE Radio Award for Best Artist and an additional award for Best Single. J. Konrad Schmidt recently moved from Stuttgart to Hamburg. Productions can now also be realis …

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news | J. Konrad Schmidt : Coming Home Alone - a sensual visual journey along the Cote d'Azur

“Coming Home Alone“ tells the story of a young woman in the mountains that surround Nice. It is a lonely end to a journey by the Mediterranean Sea. J. Konrad Schmidt travelled to the Côte d’Azur with his team to realise this emotional series. An elegant convertible navigates the curvaceous roads of the mountainous regions that surround Nice. A lady is at the wheel. The streets lead past various spectacular views and the prominent landscape of the Alps’ Maritimes …

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