Kajetan Kandler

news | Kajetan Kandler transportation shoot in Cape Town. People and car productions with Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet and Range Rover Evoque

Kajetan Kandler photographed the Mercedes Benz E-Class cabriolet and the Range Rover Evoque in two personal people car shoots in beautiful Cape Town. Patrick Weitz was in charge of production and Magic Mountain Productions took care of the casting.

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news | Kajetan Kandler : photographs people and transportation in Cape Town, two personal series on GoSee

Kajetan KANDLER photographs people and transportation in Cape Town. Kajetan produced the personal transportation-people series ‘chevy-surf’ with the Orlando Chevrolet in beautiful Cape Town. We present another people series by the photographer titled ‘into the sun’, likewise shot in Cape Town. Hamburg based GoSee member IMAGE REFINERY carried out the post-production. GoSee member KOMBINATROTWEISS represents photographer Kajetan Kandler. …

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news | Kajetan Kandler : presents ‘Shine’ and ‘Jump’ on Go & See

GoSee presents two personal projects by photographer Kajetan KANDLER. The surreal looking cosmopolitan works from the ‘Shine’ series are set in cities as disparate as Los Angeles, Dubai and Frankfurt. Balloon, astronaut, polar bear zebra, …. The common thread is perhaps the street or more simply the narrative element, as each picture seems to be telling a story. His ‘Jump’ series sees his young models out and about with custom-made props. Roya Bachtia …

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news | Kajetan Kandler : ‘Think of me – your back’, the campaign for DGUV, emotional moments and portrait of Düsseldorf airport

Kajetan KANDLER shot the campaign for DGUV (German statutory accident insurance) back in 2012. The campaign ‘Think of me – your back’ focuses on the prevention of back injuries. It has the individual and specific stresses and strains, which the back is subjected to in a wide variety of professions, at its centre. He photographed authentic workers and work scenarios across Germany - from the luggage collector at the airport to the chef. The advertising agency in char …

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news | Kajetan Kandler photographed the ’kids need friends’ campaign for the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children’s charity

The current campaign for Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk is in keeping with its 40-year tradition, dedicated to helping neglected and poverty-stricken children. Kajetan KANDLER photographed the campaign motifs, which visualise hunger, loneliness and coldness. The following questions are being asked in the campaign: ‘How long is a school day when you're starving?’, ‘How can you play when there is nothing to play with?’ and ‘How 'cool' is snow when you don't even have a …

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news | Kajetan Kandler Fotografie : two campaigns for UNION INVESTMENT, plus the 'Truckerbabies' campaign for MERCEDES BENZ TRUCKS

Kajetan KANDLER photographed two campaigns for UNION INVESTMENT, featuring the Hessischen Rundfunk symphony orchestra, which is based in Frankfurt am Main. A handful of the musicians were also portrayed during sessions – GoSee presents a selection. The supervising agency was Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt with CD Thomas Kanofsky and AD Andreas Nistl. Union Investment (full name: Union Asset Management Holding AG) from Frankfurt am Main is the investment society of the DZ BANK-Gro …

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news | NEW : Kajetan Kandler Photography, Hamburg; the new LAMBORGHINI Aventador and AKTION MENSCH awareness raising campaign

Kajetan Kandler, a photographer specialising in people / portrait and transportation is also new at GoSee. He photographed the new LAMBORGHINI Aventador in Apulia, Italy. The series is featured in the current LAMBORGHINI magazine as well as here on GoSee. A small but super fine team supported the photographer. 12 motifs were produced over the course of a three-day-shoot. The people motifs were unplanned but a great supplement to the production. Furthermore, Kajetan photographed the current …

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