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news | Loni Baur : like a rainbow with Butterfly Eyes and glamorous beauty make-up in 3D for ELLE plus contemporary chimaeras for TUSH

Violet, yellow and cobalt blue – the make-up artist experimented with colour for the ‘Butterfly Eyes’ editorial. Once again Loni BAUR showed off her skilled make-up art with stark contrasts and shimmering tones. Julia Saller captured the pretty looks in photographs. Astrid Doil and Alexandra Link were in charge of styling. Crystal bling and an artistic game of hide and seek in a mystery look were the themes of the second shoot for ELLE. Loni created a three-dimensional new …

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news | Loni Baur : modern Nefertiti interpretation for SZ MAG, Far Eastern diva – professional make-up advice in GLAMOUR and the new Color+Creme make-up seminar by the top make-up artist

Oh you’re ‘bust’ so beautiful – is the title of a very unusual beauty spread in SZ MAGAZINE, which investigates the question what kind of make-up Nefertiti would wear nowadays. LONI BAUR contributed one of the four suggestions by top make-up artists, which they showcased on copies of the original bust from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. Loni told us: ‘Nefertiti had beautifully defined cheekbones, clearly shaped eyes, a straight nose, full lips and the two sides o …

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news | Loni Baur : avant-garde make-up and glossy beauty looks for TUSH, AMICA, SÜDDEUTSCHE and VOGUE, backstage at the Paris shows

GoSee presents a colourful potpourri of fashion and beauty productions by make-up virtuoso Loni Baur. As the attached photos go to show, armed with powder and brushes, she creates trend setting make-up looks, as well as ‘proper art pieces’. Her work is currently featured in TUSH in a spread entitled ‘Bling, Bling’, photographed by Markus Jans. Stylish make-up for a modern fashion editorial. Flower arrangements and suitably colourful make-up was the name of the game …

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news | Color and Creme Academy, Hamburg: the 'Fashion Runway 2012' Seminar is looking forward to welcoming professionals

Tracie Cant and Loni Baur will join creative forces for the first time ever for the 'Fashion Runway 2012' Seminar. Expect concise know-how on the highest level imaginable and all from a 'front row' seat - get set for a major fashion treat. It's all about the hottest, coolest and most trendy catwalk looks from NY, Milan, London and Paris. Both artists can look back on years of international show experience and are currently scouting the latest trends in the fashionable melting pot that is Par …

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news | Loni Baur : hair & make-up for the ESCADA SPORTS collection, TUSH magazine reloaded, beauty spread in Italian AMICA, shows in Paris for AKRIS and SAKAI

Loni BAUR headed all the beauty aspects of the new ESCADA SPORTS collection. Ben LAMBERTY c/o KSTIEGEMEYER took the photographs for the look book. Coming out soon – TUSH hits stores on the 21st of March and will feature a new and unique look. Loni Baur created the hair & make-up for the cover. You can find a preview here on GoSee and more will follow sooner rather than later. Make-up explosions in AMICA! She produced a colourful beauty series for the Italian edition of the fashi …

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news | Loni Baur Make-up : 3 x TUSH! Shootingstars and Identities. Cover and editorials in the latest issue of the beauty magazine

The make-up artist took care of the make-up for the new TUSH cover series (issue 26). This time, the production focused on being a 'shootingstar' and who better to embody this than the enchanting Antonia Wesseloh. In early 2011, Antonia finished her first test shoot for TUSH and only a few months later, the 16-year old is the face of the Prada campaign. Reason enough for the magazine to make her the cover girl of their new issue. Armin MORBACH c/o AGENTUR LINKE photographed her. The model …

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new editorial in TUSH magazine

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news | Loni Baur : beauty make-up for GLAMOUR, Hat Hunter in TUSH and an interview for The Makeup Show Europe

Make-up artist Loni BAUR worked on the ‘Big Business’ photo shoot for the September issue of German edition GLAMOUR with photographer Markus PRITZI c/o SHOTVIEW. GoSee presents the classic elegant results. ‘Hat Hunter’ is the title of the editorial in the new issue of TUSH, which Loni brushed up with her make-up skills. The eye-catching hat creations were modelled by Jade Jackson from Paris and photographed by Armin MORBACH c/o AGENTUR LINKE. Loni Denise Grundmann was …

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news | NEW : Color And Creme, Beauty Academy; Skin Secrets and Fantasy Seminar with star make-up artists Loni Baur and Yasmin Heinz on 27./28. August 2011

‘Skin Secrets and Fantasy’ is the title of the exclusive make-up seminar on the 27th and 28th of August 2011 in Hamburg, which will see GoSee Member LONI BAUR and guest speaker Yasmin Heinz share their professional knowledge in all things skincare and professional make-up application. Loni Baur founded the Color and Crème Academy in 2009. She has been sharing her knowledge and know-how in make-up application techniques with selected make-up artists ever since. Loni wil …

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