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news | ME Photographers : two fashion spots for MANOR and a fashion film by photographer and filmmaker Riccardo BERNARDI

Italian photographer and filmmaker Riccardo BERNARDI shot these two films for Swiss lingerie brand MANOR. His agent Marion Eckhardt tells GoSee, “he also shows us that he can make poetic films”. The third film here on GoSee is ‘Letters’, created for high-end London based glossy VOLT, dedicated to showcasing fashion and art.

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news | Motorcycle series by Götz GÖPPERT for UGLYBROS SEVENTY FIFTY and French motorcycle blog 4h10

Götz GÖPPERT once again snapped a motorcycle series in shades of black in the city of Paris for French motorcycle blog 4h10 Bikes, Lifestyle & More. The images showcase the Sevenfifty Jacket by motorcycle fashion label UGLYBROS SEVENTY FIFTY.

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news | ‘Bob goes Berlin’ - Sven GÖRLICH takes pictures alongside the moving image production of the TELEKOM Tütü campaign in the German capital

Sven GÖRLICH presents images, which he captured for the current TELEKOM commercial ‘Bob goes Berlin’ as part of the ‘Bob und Linda’ campaign, alongside the moving image shoot. The commercial shows Bob’s project against cancer in Berlin – which includes a picture of him in a pink tutu in front of Brandenburger Gate. Soup Film Berlin was in charge of film production and the responsible agency was DDB Tribal, Hamburg.

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news | Mobility App ‘FahrInfo Plus’ - Kristin SCHNELL shoot for Berliner Verkehrs Betriebe

Kristin SCHNELL shows us three advertising images from the current BVG campaign (Berliner Verkehrs Betriebe) that are displayed on trains, underground trains as well as the BVG App for Smartphones and iPads. The agency is biike – a Hamburg based creative idea and communications agency. The campaign’s goal is to top Apple’s download charts and Android app stores in a short space of time and raise awareness of the BVG brand to a younger target audience. Their reward is an app wit …

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news | Gabor GEISSLER personal dog portraits in the studio

Dog specialist Gabor GEISSLER, who often produces work for clients in the animal food industry, created personal portraits in the studio with female dog ‘Jacky’.

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news | ME PHOTOGRAPHERS welcomes NEW entry Riccardo BERNARDI, photography & film

ME PHOTOGRAPHERS proudly presents new entry, Potsdam based Italian photographer Riccardo BERNARDI, who works with video and film besides specialising in poetic portrait, fashion and reportage photography. ME told GoSee : ‘his often very poetic images tell a story. The desire to explore new worlds and realities drew him to Germany in 2013, first to Berlin and then to Potsdam, where he has found a new home.’ We present his first portfolio here on GoSee.

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news | Personal outdoor series as well as a retro fashion series at Hotel Smolka – personal work by Daniel REINHOLD

Photographer Daniel REINHOLD presents a personal outdoor series as well as retro fashion images, which he took at Hotel Smolka in Hamburg, with the title ‘VIEREINSNULL’, the number of the room in which he created the photographs.

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news | Colourful RANDSTAD pictures – photography by Valery KLOUBERT

Valery KLOUBERT regularly produces work for RANDSTAD. He recently created a campaign in which the protagonists were coloured in during post-production in such a way that they almost look like comic characters. Magazines such as Brigitte also published the pictures. Randstad Deutschland offers recruitment services and temporary work and provides jobs in Germany.

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blog | On the road

On the road with Götz GÖPPERT.

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news | Marion Eckhardt : JAK-O, FITZ/HABA, Midsommar, designer Philipe Starck for MOTOHEROES mag, PRESTIGE magazine and personal work by the photographers from the Hamburg agency

Kristin SCHNELL presents work for JAK-O and FITZ/HABA and a selection of free images featuring kids and a dog. We present a personal series by Gabor GEISSLER, with his dog and some cute dachshund puppies. The studio dog named Fienchen (a Greek Jack Russel – dachshund mix) developed a somewhat maternal instinct when the little puppies came into the studio…. Sven GÖRLICH produced ‘Midsommar’ themed shots for IKEA, alongside the moving image production for the co …

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