news | The Slow Fire - fantasies woven from flies, feathers and nylon. Fine Art Storytelling by Claire Morgan in her solo exhibition at Karsten Greve Galerie, Cologne

Claire Morgan (1980*) makes her fantastical installations from translucent and weightless materials such as dandelion seeds, fruit flies or shredded plastic sheeting that are then strung onto fine nylon thread. Her extremely fragmented, sometimes large-scale works are preoccupied with the transience of life and the basic knowledge of the artist working ‘against time’, her futile effort to halt the onset of decay that simultaneously arises with the artistic process of creation. To thi …

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blog | Room # 6 at marsil, Hotel & Bar, Köln

Room # 6 at marsil, Hotel & Bar, Köln, founded 1999. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding rates and availability.

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news | ‘Once, still and forever’ publication and group exhibition in Cologne at Projektraum Knut Osper – looking for traces with Jessica Backhaus

Using colour to create moods and specific painterly components are characteristic to Jessica Backhaus’ (*1970) work. The fleeting arrangements and lovingly composed colours of her fragile still life photography seem to reflect her feelings and inner states. But they do not only have a high recognition value because of their colourfulness. Jean Christophe Amman writes the following about her work: ‘Jessica Backhaus has a systematic view for the accidental, for things that are ‘j …

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blog | Carneval 2014

 ... so far so good ...

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news | Hotel International is totally global. Cologne hasn’t had it as good as this in a long time.’ HOTEL INTERNATIONAL, events organisers Luisa Rittershaus and Alexander Warhus and Hotel Marsil say : thanks !

Why should we always do everything ourselves – there are other competent people out there. Here’s looking at you Ben Kaufmann, new director of Neuen Aaachener Kunstverein art foundation, and friend of the House of GoSee. We’re sure you’ll remember his great Klaus Nomi exhibition, which we recently presented here on GoSee. Now he’s had a look around our hotel for GoSee. Read his exclusive review – here on GoSee of course. “They were all there: Wessel …

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news | GoSee Quest : Dr. Werner Peters, Owner of the legendary Hotel Chelsea, Cologne and guest of honour at 1hour Restaurant at Hotel Marsil, on art, commerce and his kind communist

Cologne locals aren’t really famed for outstanding political involvement. Things are more comfortable on the River Rhine. Life always goes on somehow, and the less one has to with them, the better. Hip Berlin is far, far away and the long distance glamour of Hamburg is difficult for most to imagine. Weird introduction for someone like Dr. Werner Peters? Not really as he’s proof that there are of course exceptions in this city….sorry, interview not available in English! …

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news | HOTEL INTERNATIONAL exhibition project by Galerie Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne and Hotel marsil. We look forward to seeing you – a must-Go & See!

HOTEL INTERNATIONAL is an exhibition concept by Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne and Hotel Marsil, Cologne in cooperation with young galleries, artists, curators, publishers and writers. From 22 - 24 November 2013 Hotel marsil will become an exhibition and event space for a three-day project dedicated to young contemporary art. Seven galleries from all over the world are invited to HOTEL INTERNATIONAL, in order to give one of their artists the chance to install their work in a guest room or hallwa …

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news | Cheyney Thompson and Sam Lewitt at Buchholz Gallery in Cologne and Paulina Olowska’s first Swiss solo show Pavilionesque at Kunsthalle Basel

Daniel Buchholz Gallery Cologne opened a double exhibition in both its Cologne galleries in June. Cheyney Thompson’s ‘10M/1000 ML/10 L’ are on display at Neven-DuMont-Straße 17 and ‘International Corrosion Fatigue’ by Sam Lewitt is on show at Elisenstraße 4-6, also in Cologne, making for a star-studded warm-up before they seamlessly head over to Art Basel. We are looking forward to seeing ‘Pavilionesque’ over there, Polish artist Paulina O …

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news | Good morning Baltimore - good morning GoSee! Maya Hayuk - an artist between obsession and passionate collecting – her exhibition and colourful wall designs get us in the mood for the upcoming City Leaks Festival in Cologne

New York based artist Maya Hayuk produced an exhibition and very colourful murals on car park walls that get us in the mood for the ‘Urban Art Festival CityLeaks’ in September 2013, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. GoSee met the quirky artist – at the Marsil Hotel of course. Maya Hayuk was born in 1969 in Baltimore and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Baltimore? That makes us think of director John Waters and his 80s trash comedy ‘Hairspray’. Does she know him …

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news | A&W designer of the year 2013, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, visiting Cologne for the furniture fair, at the MCA in Chicago and bound by Phaidon

Once again Cologne is attracting design lovers, trendsetters and furniture specialists. IMM Cologne, the world’s largest furniture trade fair is in town and featuring more than 1250 companies from 50 countries. And this year A&W Architektur & Wohnen, Germany’s style magazine for living, design and architecture, announce their designers of the year: brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec share the A&W 2013 designer of the year award. They received the award on 13 January …

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