Michael Miklas

news | Michael Miklas : shoots for fashion labels IQ+ and FLOWERS FOR FRIENDS, AUDI BANK DIRECT and free motifs

Michael MIKLAS and his team realised the image motifs Berlin IQ+ brand’s for the A/W collection in his Hanover-based studio. The fashion label is renowned for its high-quality products. This standard is guaranteed and ensured by using only Italian goods and the finest materials. The two annual major collections are available in Germany in high-end retail stores such as Apropos, Lodenfrey and Ludwig Beck. Michael also photographed the FLOWER FOR FRIENDS S/S collection in the studio. The …

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news | NEW : Michael Miklas, photographer, Hannover - and the VOLKSWAGEN LEASING calendar 2010, as well as motifs for AUDI A1 magazine

Photographer Michael Miklas is new at GoSee. He has been busy working at his light flooded 360m2 studio located in an old industrial location in the Hanover area. Jobs for AUDI AG, VOLKSWAGEN BANK and VOLKSWAGEN leasing inaugurated the studio, while it was partially under construction. Amongst other things, Michael Miklas photographed the VOLKSWAGEN LEASING 2010 pin-up calendar 2010, which will be published as a limited edition and presents the all the pros of leasing. He engaged with the …

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