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news | Mirage Magazine : No.3 Vanishing Point. 20 editorials on 400 pages. And the big question: 'Do similar utopias still exist today?'

 The third issue of MIRAGE magazine was produced between a Beachwood Canyon bungalow, LA Coffeshops, a beach house in Cape Town and Neil Young LPs on the BeoMaster. ‘The lyrics by Neil Young are usually about the elevating feeling of being young: The hope, the bitter-sweet, the ecstasy and the constant desire to move on”, explains Frank Rocholl, co-editor of Mirage together with Henrik Purienne. “The desire, to postpone growing up for as long as possible is what interests …

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news | Mirage Magazine : 'New Works' in editorial and corporate design, next issue coming up in October 2011

Frank Rocholl, co-founder and creative director of Mirage Magazine published ‘New Works’ in editorial and corporate design, a few previews are available here on GoSee. “The feedback for the two Mirage Magazines was enormous and the aftermath were interesting projects such as magazine redesigns Ramp or Gapz”, Frank explains. Frank, who already worked as a creative director for projects at Jil Sander, Hugo Boss, Smart and Levis pursues his passion for narrative desig …

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news | Mirage Magazine : FuturePast - A Missed Future, GoSee presents the magazine's second issue

This time, Mirage 02 was published parallel to the Autumn / Winter Fashion Weeks in Paris. Henrik Purienne and Frank Rocholl, the two creative directors look at the 400 page strong magazine book as some sort of “curated object”, which translates to a very subjective and personal selection when it comes to the content. Thus, they turn their backs to the usual trend and news schemes and work, as is customary in the world of art, like authors, in close collaboration with only a few …

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news | NEW : Mirage Fashion and Swimwear Magazine, Frankfurt/Cape Town

Mirage Magazine, well, Mirage Fashion and Swimwear Magazine to be precise, a cooperation between Cape Town-based photographer Henrik Purienne (ID, Arena, Adidas, as well as various music videos) and German Creative Director and Editorial Designer Frank Rocholl (Audi, Smart, Hugo, Lancome, Levis, Jil Sander), is NEW at GoSee. The latest issue covers the themed concept of 60s/70s jetset hedonism, meets 21 Century voyeurism. The issue is a sexy homage to the jetset joie de vivre of the 60s and 7 …

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