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Like a glimmer in the silence - Rinko Kawauchi at Priska Pasquer Gallery, Cologne

A glimmer in the silence. A sudden flashing, melancholy sometimes, beautiful, mystical – and occasionally disgusting. Yet, there is always a fascination radiating from artist Rinko Kawauchi's pictures as well. She manages to discover little peculiarities in the unspectacular everyday life and merges fragmented imagery and fleeting scenery into an enchanted world of life, death and nature.

The Japanese photographer experiments with light reflections, which usually do not come from an artificial source. Her subjects include fish in a plastic bad, bathing foam, the wing mirror of a motorcycle. It is about humanity's relationship with both animate and inanimate nature, perishability and poetry.

Rinko Kawauchi was born in 1972 in Shiga, Japan and is considered one of the most important Japanese photographers of her generation. All in all, the artist has published 13 photography books so far, some in collaboration with Yoshimoto Nara, amongst others. Her photo books ‘Hanako’ (the name of a girl), ‘Utatane’ (Nap) and ‘Hanabi’ (Fireworks) were met with great acclaim.

To celebrate the Prsoka Pasquer Gallery's 10th anniversary, Rinko Kawauchi's ‘A Glimmer in Silence’ will be exhibited until 2 November 2010.

Rinko Kawauchi –
A Glimmer in Silence

Gallery Proska Pasquer
Albertusstr. 9-11
50667 Cologne

Until 2 November 2010
Tue – Sat, 11am – 6pm