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Cut! Cut! Cut! by Cosima von Bonin - home at last. The fourth stop at Museum Ludwig in Cologne

Museum Ludwig has dedicated an exhibition to artist Cosima von Bonin (*1962), which was developed as a work in progress across four European cities. The exhibition launched in Rotterdam, found its way to Bristol and continued to transform itself, ending up in Geneva. For each station, Cosima collaborated with the respective institution and created a very unique exhibition context. Now, the show moves towards its climax in Cosima's hometown – Cologne.

Cologne is the final stop of the circulating exhibition concept, which is further described and defined by its title: Lazy Susan is the name of a rotating table device, by means of which the people around the table gain easier access to the provided feast. It is not a coincidence that this domestic device bears a female name and it is also no coincidence that the idea of Laziness resonates in Cosima von Bonin's work and is integral to many of her motifs.

The core work of the four loops of the Lazu Susan Series, Amateur Dramatics (2010), was co-produced by the institutions involved and takes the form of that very lazy Susan: a large, rotating disco, which appears to be a grotesque mixture of merry-go-round and presentation platform.

As far as the oversized skylight hall in the Museum Ludwig is concerned, the exhibition's point of origin, Cosima created something that is both a work of art and architecture. Six over-dimensional tables with a height of 2.70 meters to 5.40 meters take up most of the space in the room.

Across five rooms and several locations, the exhibition develops even into the outward space – where Tagedieb (Petty Thief 2010) sits on an elevated referee chair, with a long nose resembling that of Pinocchio. The exhibition in Cologne features approximately 50 works, including many new productions, some of which are on display for the first time.

Cosima tries to avoid falling into habits of using a specific medium or a style. However, some of her trademarks are soft and textile materials, which not only promote associations with stereotypically female occupations and emotions, but also support the idea of the alleged drowsiness that underlines her figurative works.

Another central moment of her modus operandi is the interaction with artist friends from all walks of creative life. The invited guests include Moritz von Oswald, Andreas Dorau, Frances Scholz, Jacques Tati, George Romero, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach, Dirk von Lowtzow, René Pollesch and Mark von Schlegell.

The catalogue for the exhibition is a further extension of the exhibition itself, into the published and thereby public space: it includes curator essays and the Starlite narrative by Mark von Schlegell, which continues to develop from exhibition to exhibition as well as a contribution by Friedrich Wolfram Heubachs.

The DuMont Verlag published a comprehensive catalogue alongside the exhibition, including a multi-part interview between Duffy Duck and Cosima von Bonin by Dirk von Lowtzow, as well as a music CD by Moritz von Oswald.

Andreas Dorau will play a gig at the exhibition to celebrate the catalogue's launch on November, 25 2011.

Cosima von Bonin - Cut! Cut! Cut!
For Museum Ludwig's Sloth Section
Loop # 04 of the Lazy Susan Series
A Rotating Exhibition 2010 - 2012
One, Two, Three, Four