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Galerie Adler, Frankfurt : LÉOPOLD & TILL RABUS - Entre différence et complicité

They are brothers; and this of course, connects them. Both Léopold and Till attended the École d´Art Chaux-de-Fonds, located in the French speaking region of Switzerland. In their shared studio, they have been working side by side for many years. To a certain degree, the two brothers’ works show a relationship despite their dissimilarity and for this reason they have been exhibited together in recent years, an example of such being in the Collection de Saint-Cyprien in France. Meanwhile, the inter-family collaboration even stretches to include the artists’ parents since exhibitions representing the entire family are expected in 2009, amongst others at the Kunstverein Schwaz (Austria).

Motifs belonging to black romanticism traverse through Leopold Rabus’ entire work. His works irritate in many aspects, for his fascinating subject matter, which appears to come from another world and is segregated into numerous perspectives, is juxtaposed by a precise painting technique akin to that of a virtuoso. Like in bizarre dreams, grotesque characters appear as if frozen in irrational positions. Léopold Rabus is mainly inspired by the everyday, its banal moments and ordinary places. The rural idyll, however, is contaminated due to Léopold Rabus’s adoption of a dream as a medium for the illustration of these very unwanted memories.

What brother Léopold tries to achieve through landscape and genre painting is pursued by Till Rabus with reference to the tradition of the Vanitas in still life painting. His arrangements of food leftovers and packaging materials seem grotesquely horrifying, yet nonetheless, your focus tends to remain fixed due to the work’s technical brilliance. From a technical point of view, the works, arranged as a series, refer to hyper-realism and to 1960s American photorealism.

Henceforth, black romanticism is the common ground which both brothers conquer, they address loss, the past, and the transient, providing a shrouded glance at our conception of reality.

LÉOPOLD & TILL RABUS - Entre différence et complicité
Galerie Adler
Hanauer Landstraße 134
Frankfurt, Germany
24 January until 7 March 2009
Private view Friday, 23 January, 6pm