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GoSee loves .... Flying Houses by Laurent Chéhères. Surreal greetings from the flying neighbourhood at Paris-Beijing Gallery, Paris

The wonderful thing about photography is that it is a source of constant surprise. We were highly impressed when we stumbled across ‘Flying Houses’ by French photographer Laurent Chéhères (Paris, 1972) at Paris-Beijing Gallery, Paris.

His surreal approach to traditional photography and digital manipulation elevates architecture to a new level. Released from their defined neighbourhood, houses float amidst the clouds, like kites.

Laurent Chéhère’s series of flying houses took inspiration from the poetic vision of old Paris and the short film The Red Balloon by director Albert Lamorisse. He discovered several houses to base his work on in the Belleville and Ménilmontant neighbourhoods, which grew into images in his head, which he later put down on paper.

Numerous flying houses are adorned with washing lines and flowerpots, others with company logos and signs. Yet all seem to live a second life, uprooted from their hometown and on the journey to a new beginning. The Flying Houses are a metaphor for the fleetingness of the world.

Laurent Chéhère - Flying Houses
25 October - 8 December 2012
Galerie Paris-Beijing
54, rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris – France

Flore and Romain Degoul founded Galerie Paris-Beijing in 2006. Their programme is dedicated to contemporary photography and emerging figures in the Asian art scene.

Galerie Paris-Beijing, 54, rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris

Galerie Paris-Beijing, 54, rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris