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GoSee Tip : Bernheimer Fine Art Photography : Inner Landscapes – Israeli Contemporary Photography

‘Inner Landscapes – Israeli Contemporary Photography’ presents a choice of works by seven renowned Israeli photography artists, which are – for the most part – on show in Munich for the first time.

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the young Israeli photography scene. Its motifs are concerned with the topography of modern Israel; both the actual geographical surface of the country, as well as the landscape of its generation's soul. The political change and the religious conflicts between the Jewish and Muslim population purport the topical framework.

Michal Rovner (*1955, Israel) utilises installations and video art to explore the ideas of a collective identity and togetherness. Shirman (*1947, Germany), Gilad Ophir (*1957, Israel), Ori Gersht (*1967, Israel) and Roi Kuper (*1957, Israel) examine the country's fluctuating borders and how people perceive them.

Boaz Tals's Oeuvre (*1952, Israel) saunters down a fascinating path between classic aesthetics and contemporary events of the day. His works merge mythology and everyday life.

Sigalit Landau (*1969, Israel) is considered one of the most important female Israeli artists. In contention with her Jewish identity, her works circumvent questions about foreignness and migration, individual and community, reality and utopia.

Apart from the Israeli artists, the exhibition will also feature German artist Mat Hennek and his view of Tel Aviv ‘Trees of Tel Aviv’. Bedazzled by the city's unique atmosphere, the pictures were taken one night in 2007. By using prolonged exposure and nothing but the light of the night sky, the city and its trees almost appear like a studio production.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and supports the peace project ‘The Art Road to Peace’ by the Tel Aviv Museum's German circle of friends, which brings together Jewish and Muslim children for conjoint classes in art.

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