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GoSee Tip: .... museums at night with Michael Schnabel and private view on 13 November at Photonet Gallery

One has to take a really close look to recognise exactly just what it is that Michael Schnabel wishes to share with us in his new work. The closer one gets to the images, then taxidermy birds, a dinosaur skeleton begin to take shape ….. and recollections of the Night at the Museum movie slowly emerge too….

In his “Still Mountains” series of 2003, the photographer presents mountains in Western Europe as night pieces, which were not distinct through light, but rather from the darkness. His “water” series is just as impressive. Now his latest series is on show at Photonet Gallery, Wiesbaden – with more night exposures – this time of museums.

The show is on from 14 November until 27 February 2010. The private view is on Friday 13 November (suitably spooky) at 7pm.

Michael Schnabel – Night Pieces | Museums exhibition

Galerie Photonet
Dr. Klaus Kleinschmidt
Taunusstraße 43
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany

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