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Youth Culture and Tristesse : Tobias Zielonys 'Story / No Story' presents the reality of urban outskirts - exhibition in Hamburg.

“Fine observations of a youth, between exclusion and solidarity, resignation and rebellion” says Art Magazine of his work. Tobias Zielony’s pictures actually express how youth culture thrives on the outskirts everyday. Rather than documenting, he gives the teenagers enough space for them to model their own images.

The photographer, born in 1973, Wuppertal and based in Berlin, accompanied them on their meetings in car parks, at petrol stations and doorways, where they create their own social spaces and develop their identify amongst urban tristesse.

The images thrive on the characters, who almost seem to have been coincidentally photographed, they self confidently pose from their best sides and look toward a future, more exciting than the boredom of now.

Tobias Zielony photographs without flash or artificial light. So as not to distract from reality, he uses the light of parked cars, streetlights or beach lighting. He finds his motifs in the Banlieues of French metropolises, the desert town of Trona outside Los Angeles and housing developments in Halle-Neustadt. The attitude to life embodied by the youths in all of the pictures unites all of the places into one shared outskirt area.

Kunstverein Hamburg presents a collection of his works until 4 July 2010. The ‘Story / No Story’ exhibition will be accompanied by an elaborate photo book, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag and featuring a conversation between the artist and Christian Petzold.

Tobias Zielony – Story / No Story

Der Kunstverein
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

Until 4 July 2010
Tue – Sun, 12:00 – 18:00

Text by Florian Ebner, Maik Schlüter
Hatje Cantz Verlag
216 pages, ISBN 978-3-7757-2284-1