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OVER & NOW ON GOSEE •  Lise Sarfati's Arbeit "On Hollywood" war zu sehen bei der Rose Gallery, Arbeiten hier auf GoSee

"I worked with Kodachrome 64 transparency film. The rolls were sent to Kansas in the only laboratory which still developed this film. I never saw the results immediately. I realized that this element of not seeing, not knowing, was a determining factor." so die Fotografin Lise Safarti zu ihrem schönen Projekt "On Hollywood".

Und weiter : "This situation : where I had to wait and did not know brought me back to the mystery I felt when I discovered photography at the age of 13. A revelation, but after the fact. This Kodachrome film stock is also the one used in Hollywood movies of the 1940s. I wanted to complete the loop and end the story of Kodachrome film on Hollywood. I used this outmoded film stock in the context of Hollywood, which is at the peak of technological advancement and colossal production costs.

I was not part of a huge Hollywood production but on a boulevard where I photographed real women (without paying them, this I insist on in my work) who are considered outsiders. Their weaknesses became their strength, raising them to the rank of anti-heroes.

It is true that film, photography and video have surpassed painting and sculpture and that it may seem odd to return to Kodachrome slides when analog film, photography and video have been overtaken by the digital format. But it is precisely this paradox which interested me.

One often wrongfully compares photographs to paintings. This is nonsense. The image does not refer to painting but to something alive through which passes silence…

My series On Hollywood shows women who really live in Los Angeles.

They probably came to project themselves in the Hollywood landscape and to take advantage of the possibilities of success in this landscape. But everyone knows this story. It is a current affair.

Hollywood interested me more for the concept of landscape as fantasy. These women smoked in general. They are mostly dancers or actresses waiting for a part."

Frauen in Hollywood. Das sind auch Verkäuferinnen, Tänzerinnen, Stripperinnen, Junkiennen, Fetischistinnen, unbekannte Schauspielerinnen, ..... ein Leben fast am Ende vom Gelände.

In der Misere einzig zusammengehalten von der eigenen Fantasie.

Die Ausstellung war zu sehen in der Rose Gallery, Santa Monica, Kalifornien.

Besser spät als nie - jetzt auf GoSee.