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Oliver Fluck, Artist of the Month at seen.by Photo Art & Photo Print

Everybody knows Cologne’s Dome Cathedral. But in the sunset light? The grey cladding romantically lit up? There it dominates at the end of the Hohenzollern Bridge and presents itself in all its glory. “Everything looks way more exciting at night”, according to Oliver Fluck, the photographer who takes us on a nocturnal journey around the world in his seen-by portfolio. From Frankfurt over Chicago to San Francisco. Lest we forget: New York, where chess players draw their pawns until the early hours. Or Princeton, where two shop window dummies is the only thing that suggests a hint of life on the forlorn road. Carefully orchestrated, his pictures reveal the meticulous eye of the artist and lend a secretive, almost magic atmosphere to the nightly cityscapes.

Fluck creates pictures that are even more accurate when he is not photographing, but working as a scientist. In the daytime, the 33-year-old IT student works on his doctorate. Thence, he is investigating methods, to convert two-dimensional observations into three-dimensional perspectives. These are supposed to aid radiotherapists locate tumours so efficiently, that a treating doctor can tell the unsound tissue from the healthy.

For six years, Oliver Fluck, who was born in Limburg an der Lahn, has been living in Princeton, an hour away from New York. “Sometimes I look into the sky and should the weather and light prove right, I just take off”. It is a dream of many a photographer to live in proximity to the fascinating metropolis. Looking for motifs is not a taxing task in slightest, but the conditions have to be just right. “I am keen to experiment - and patient”, says the photographer about himself. “I have been known to drive down to the same place a few times, only to catch the proper light”.

When he first arrived in the US, his camera came in handy when it came to exploring his new home. For hours, he would walk through the city and even collected the odd assignment on the side. In New York, almost everybody is looking for a photographer, be it a prospective actor, models or make-up artists: They are all in constant need of photographs, to get themselves noticed. Hence, Oliver Fluck found himself in the company of lingerie models, hanging out on Brooklyn Bridge at seven in the morning. The designer had asked him to produce fashion photographs for a catalogue.

He is planning to feature more people in his artistic pictures in future. Wide angle and carefully applied HDR techniques remain in place, yet a nurse stands at the window (Night Nurse) or an ice skater skids across the rink at Central Park (Round and Round). Fluck particularly tries to capture moments of everyday life in his black and white images. ( these can be viewed on seen.by under oliverf-bw). When it comes to this particular discipline, he takes a liking to the works of street photographers Dave Beckerman and Markus Hartel, who he met on the Internet. We can look forward to brand new motifs in the future, Oliver Fluck is moving to the West Coast. Can San Diego look just as exciting by night as New York? A true challenge!