06.10.2011  •  Art NEWS


Salt & Truth - Shelby Lee Adams dokumentiert die Überformung unserer Gesellschaft

Die Fahey/Klein Gallery zeigt noch bis 15ten Oktober "Salt & Truth" von Shelby Lee Adams, angelehnt an das  gleichnamige Buch, erschienen  bei Candela Books in 2011.

Seit gut 40 Jahren begleitet der 1950 in Kentucky geborene Fotograf die Bewohner von und um Appalachia, vor der Kamera stehen bei diesem Projekt aber immer Menschen mit direktem Bezug zum Fotografen. Dank Mund-zu-Mund-Propaganda ein kaleidoskopisches Gewebe aus menschlichen Beziehungen.

Shelby Lee  Adams zu seinem Projekt : “Today, it is becoming more difficult to find actual salt-of-the-earth people. They are disappearing as we are overrun by a more sugarcoated society…

The families that have always lived here, many for more than a couple hundred years, are being dispersed by a new breed of Appalachian. There are land developers driving Hummers and Escalades, owning odd-shaped swimming pools and mansions built into the mountaintops after the coal is removed and the mountains reshaped…

It is a more varied world now. Salt preserves wholesomeness and prevents decay. Salt lasts. And these hard-formed people from earlier times are still here, even as their population declines.”

Salt & Truth by Shelby Lee Adams
148 North La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036