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Berlin State Museums : Dodo – a Life in Pictures. Exhibition and book published by Hatje Cantz

The Art Library at the Berlin Culture Forum presents the 'Dodo (1907-1998) – a Life in Pictures' exhibition.

The show includes 120 graphical works, fashion visuals, illustrations for Ulk magazine, the 'guilt-ridden' pictures from her time in the Zurich love triangle relationship psychoanalysis with her husband and her psychoanalyst Gerhard Adler, illustrations for Jewish magazines and last but not least works from her exile and new home, London.

She was born in Berlin in 1907 as the rather unspectacular Dörte Clara Wolff (at least as far as the name is concerned). Hence, she invented 'Dodo' and following her graduation from the famous Reimann school in Berlin, she launched a career as a freelance fashion illustrator.

Her early style is very much infused by the 1920s – including the partially bitter aftertaste of luxury, decadence, sexual debauchery and the desire to sport the universal bob hair cut, which stood for androgyny and the emergence of the femme fatale.

Jewish Dodo fled to London in 1936, from where she continued her illustration work. Apparently, with less success – but her illustrations for children's books, greetings cards and advertisements suggest a peaceable relationship with her subject matter.

Dodo (1907-1998) – a life in pictures
Am exhibition in the Kunstbibliothek
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
until May the 28th 2012
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

Ben Uri Gallery
The London Jewish Museum of Art

Dodo – Life and Work
Hatje Cantz
Publisher Renate Krümmer, Texts by Anja Amsel, Margitta Giera, Renate Krümmer, Miriam-Esther Owesle, Adelheid Rasche
2012. 216 Pages, 185 colour pictures
24,90 x 30,70 cm
bound with protective sleeve
ISBN 978-3-7757-3274-1