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Team Gallery, New York presents Ryan McGinley's 'Everybody Knows This is Nowhere' portrait series

Jam-packed! It is rare to see a gallery so full of young people, queuing, waiting to catch a glimpse of the master, to give him pat on the back. Ryan McGinley doesn’t just undress youths – he also magically attracts them.

His images are full of life, colours, intensity and a different definition of innocence. The current exhibition in New York answers the question of what a McGinley portrait would like in black/white.

The photographer travelled the world for two years and hand picked 150 protagonists, which he meticulously photographs with thousands of images; each shoot eventually being edited down to its one defining “moment”.

At first these images may seem some what confusing, as they are not smothered in the usual bright colours, refuse to encompass the American surroundings and don’t have that sense of being part of a laid back youth culture movement which one associates with McGinley’s imagery. However, on closer inspection, the various characters do manage to conjure up that exact feeling: in their eyes, their body language, their skin and the expression, which McGinley has chosen as “the moment”.

In addition to the countless, framed solo portraits, the Team Gallery also presents four large-scale colour images, which highlight the photographer’s contrasting approaches.

Opinions on the unusual McGinley project have been divided. Some critics see the new images in contrast to his old works, as taking on a too real and overtly sexualised new direction. Still, as the exhibition itself says: “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere“.

Ryan McGinley – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
until 17 April 2010
Team Gallery
83, Grand Street
New York