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The Fall of Spring Hill by Holly Andres - Melodrama is in the air! On show at the Robert Mann Gallery

'The Fall of Spring Hill' takes us to a 'summer church camp', a summer church camp where children play, mothers bide their time in the kitchen, happy to prepare the meals for their loved ones.

An 'accident' disrupts the idyllic scenery – and now the women lust for revenge and take to arms. Pure melodrama, all captured and photographed by Holly Andres.

The dramatic press release sets the scene: 'A shattered coffee cup and a luminous bowl of red punch are more than they initially seem. Childhood innocence has been lost. A group of women are galvanized.

It remains, apparently, a world without adult male figures. Alternating between humour and drama, The Fall of Spring Hill has the ring of the familiar becoming extraordinary.

Drawing upon both personal and collective mythologies, Andres has developed a distinctive photographic language for her spectacular narratives.'

The Fall of Spring Hill is Holly's second solo exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery. She has a MFA from Portland State University and lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

The Fall of Spring Hill - Holly Andres
Robert Mann Gallery
210, 11th AVE between 24 & 25
10th Floor
until the 10th of March
Tue - Sat: 11am – 6 pm