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Winterbeginning with Summerending. The colourful exploding dialogue between painting and photography - a collaboration by Adrian Schiess and Annelies Štrba as an exhibition and book

Painted flower stills, flowers that are just about to wither and painted landscapes. The two artists and summer guests of the Langmatt foundation celebrate uncompromising beauty and aesthetics in their ‘Summerending’ exhibition. The title relates to the wistful transition of summer into autumn.

Apart from the allusion to transience, the two are also interested in fundamental contemplation on the relationship between photography and painting: how do these two forms of media relate to each other and how are they exploring our world? To what degree can photography be a painting and vice versa?

Annelie Štrba took the photographs, which were in turn painted and modified by Adrian Schiess. The artists rely on the historical tradition of traditional flower stills.

Adrian Schiess is also featured in the Summerguests interview, published in the artist book that accompanies the exhibition: “Photography always captures the moment, it is always an extract. Painting on the other hand insists on the here and now, the currency of time, relentlessly shouts now, now, now! By combining these two forms of media into one visual oeuvre, we experience shifts that bring together the past with the present.”

An artist book published by the Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, accompanies the exhibition. Interview Rudolf Velhagen, Arian Schiess, Annelies Štrba. Cut flush binding, 24 x 33,5cm, 48 pages, 30 colour pictures, German/English, ISBN ISBN 978-3-86828-238-2, CHF 39.90

until 20. November 2011
Museum Langmatt
Stiftung Langmatt Sidney and Jenny Brown
Römerstrasse 30
CH-5401 Baden Switzerland