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The enchanted gardens of Ninfa. Elger Esser’s 'Saeculum Aureum' on show at Sonnabend Gallery New York. Preview on GoSee

Virginia Woolf and Truman Capote are just two of the many artists that felt drawn to this magical place. Giardino di Ninfa in the South of Rome is home to mystical scenes of water and overgrown wilderness, the stuff of fairy tale dreams. Elger Esser has titled the exhibition of his latest work ‘Saeculum Aureum’, the golden age, and presents his visions of the enchanted garden at New York’s Sonnabend Gallery. It may sound kitschy but the pictures really convey more than that.

The large format photographs are like paintings – they suck the viewer into an ancient world where nymphs and forest gods lurk between old walls, overgrown stone bridges and estuaries. Landscaped in an English garden style, the garden covers the ruins of a city of the middle ages with a mysterious and moving history.

German photographer Elger Esser grew up in Rome and is acclaimed for his landscape photography, which resembles long forgotten postcards. Dreamy, faded, still, always full of longing. Catch the show by 26 April.

Elger Esser Saeculum Aureum
Until 26 April 2014
Sonnabend Gallery
536 West 22nd Street, New York

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ART COLOGNE - first ‘Hello GoSee!’ messages from SPRÜTH MARGERS Berlin, EIGEN & ART LAB and our neighbour MARION SCHARMANN as well as the pictures from the art event from Cologne, Germany

More than 200 galleries from 25 countries present masterpieces of Classical Modernity and post-war art, as well as great names and promising new positions in contemporary art. The world's oldest fair of its kind offers collectors and art enthusiasts a first-class overview of current trends in art and on the art market. In addition to the established GALLERIES and NEW CONTEMPORARIES sectors, the new COLLABORATIONS sector also celebrates its premiere. And what could be better than seeing it first, with all the other ‘very important people’? That’s exactly where GoSee belongs! Here, art meets money – very, very old money.

ART COLOGNE visitors can expect to see large-scale work by Joel Shapiro, Ai Weiwei and Jeppe Hein. Specifically outside of the entrance hall, three monumental bronze sculptures of the American artist Joel Shapiro as visitors arrive. The 48th ART COLOGNE takes place from 10th – 13th April. We present a GoSee selection: SPRÜTH MARGERS Berlin, EIGEN & ART LAB and our neighbour MARION SCHARMANN (who presents photography work by Kathrin Ahlt and work by Jana Müller) with their ‘Hello GoSee’s.

The exhibitors are much more varied this year and the organisers even added a film video art section. From 9 April 2014, 12 noon the FILM COLOGNE programme goes live and art channel ...

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Maybe This Is A Dream – Swedish artist duo Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg present surreal dreams and the dark side of the psyche in colourful plasticine at Kölnischen Kunstverein

The animation films by artist duo Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg (*1978, Sweden) fascinate and polarise. There work was met with international acclaim in 2009, winning a Lion at the Venice Biennale. As part of the ART COLOGNE they are presenting a selection of amusing and thought-provoking animation films at Kölnischen Kunstverein, as well as new abstract work ‘The Black Pot’ and huge donut and ice-cream sculptures for the visitor to lull around in. We gave it a go.

The stop motion films feature figures made of colourful plasticine that evoke nostalgic childhood feelings from animation’s past. The artists explore the dark sides of the human psyche – perversions, sexual violence, fears, arrogance and vanity in ironic and shocking ways. They live out their sexual desires or are subjected to the most brutal of torture. The moving images are accompanied by sound carpets and electronic music, which Hans Berg composed especially for the works. GoSee presents a selection of (18+) scenes; more can be viewed on Kunstverein’s cinema screen.

Their latest work, The Black Pot, which is at centre of the Cologne exhibition, is by comparison entirely without any figures and draws more on abstract details. The animation film, based on a series of sketches shows the repetitive process of the creation, changing and capturing ...

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The Slow Fire - fantasies woven from flies, feathers and nylon. Fine Art Storytelling by Claire Morgan in her solo exhibition at Karsten Greve Galerie, Cologne

Claire Morgan (1980*) makes her fantastical installations from translucent and weightless materials such as dandelion seeds, fruit flies or shredded plastic sheeting that are then strung onto fine nylon thread. Her extremely fragmented, sometimes large-scale works are preoccupied with the transience of life and the basic knowledge of the artist working ‘against time’, her futile effort to halt the onset of decay that simultaneously arises with the artistic process of creation. To this end, she has killed all the animals individually and by hand. Stop! Of course, that’s just a joke, as most of you will know that she relies on ‘found material’.

But what we wanted to find out was - where do you find a cat? ‘You are right, that is indeed a personal story. It came from my circle of friends and suddenly died from a heart attack, while she was on a lap, being stroked.’ Well now the cat lives on as part of the artist’s work!

Claire's fragile constructions are usually structured as spheres or cages that often surround the animals as though in a fairy tale sleep. In her precisely balanced, ethereal installations and scenes Morgan surrounds the taxidermy animals with mathematically exact polygons and spheres as well as implicitly architectonic, symmetrical objects. The prices of her art objects range from ...

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GoSee loves .... the abstract underwater worlds of Kim Keever as an exhibition including a catalogue by Waterhouse & Dodd Above, New York as well as commercial use for Jung von Matt, Hamburg

The creative forces from Jung von Matt, once again demonstrate the fact that art and commerce can be close friends and can draw out the best in each other. The creatives commissioned underwater artist Kim KEEVER for the campaign of their client PHOTO DOSE, who sells photo equipment. With the slogan ‘Perfect pictures. Above and under water’, the shop advertises its underwater cameras. The results are beautiful landscapes. It’s only on closer inspection that you realise these are actually underwater worlds.

Kim Keever has a solo exhibition at Waterhouse & Dodd, New York, from 2 April until 6 May, as part of his new collective ‘ABSTRACTS’. The artist on his work: ‘I’ve always lived near the water, whether it was the eastern shore of Virginia, Chicago or New York City. There’s a peaceful attraction to the flat rippling surface and the mysteries below. Maybe it’s a stretch but once I started taking photographs of constructed landscapes submerged in water in a 200-gallon aquarium, I realized I had found my signature work as an artist and have continued making and photographing underwater landscapes.

A couple of years ago I introduced plaster figures, stick birds with feathers, and reclining dogs made of plaster-covered branches into the water which would slowly erode away. Recently I have taken ...

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GoSee recommends : Taryn Simon - Birds of the West Indies. On women, weapons and vehicles – retracing James Bond’s footsteps. Exhibition at Gagosian Beverly Hills and the book published by Hatje Cantz Verlag

Once again artist Taryn Simon surprises us with yet another pursuit. This time she was on a secret mission… In 1936, an ornithologist called James Bond released the definitive taxonomy of birds found in the Caribbean, titled Birds of the West Indies. Ian Fleming, an active bird watcher living in Jamaica, subsequently appropriated the name for his novel’s lead character. He found it to be perfectly ‘ordinary’, and ‘masculine’. This co-opting of names was the first replacement in a series of substitutions that would become central to the construction of the Bond narrative.

In a meticulous and comprehensive dissection of the Bond films, artist Taryn Simon (*1975 in New York) inventoried women, weapons and vehicles in Bond. The contents of these categories function as essential accessories to the narrative’s myth of the seductive, powerful, and invincible western male. The pictures of women, weapons and vehicles are originally the same size, which emphasises their interchangeability. In Birds of the West Indies, Simon presents a visual database of interchangeable variables used in the production of fantasy, through which she examines the economic and emotional value generated by their repetition.

The 2013 book, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, was produced in the same format as the standard work of ...

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Josef FISCHNALLER with a solo show in New York & happy first birthday Cosmopola!

Josef FISCHNALLER celebrates his first solo exhibition in New York titled ‘Past Present Present Past’. You can see the new pieces from 23.4 -31.5 at Stux Gallery, 24 West 57th Street.

And happy birthday Cosmopola! The agency celebrates its first birthday and would like to thank everybody for the great collaboration! They are excited to watch their client base grow steadily - including ZDF, Airberlin, Nivea, Villeroy & Boch, Garnier, Adidas, Rewe ... and there are new things on the horizon, too. GoSee will report ...

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The Ravestijn Gallery presents ‘Mr. Polaroid’ by Ferry van der Nat in Amsterdam.

Ferry Van der Nat spent many years working as a make-up artist in the fashion industry – as in the world of clothes – and then he started documenting his environment with Polaroids. However his first solo show Mr. Polaroid at Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam is dedicated to the ‘undressed’ and explores the male nude and its transformative nature. Of course there is always erotic potential, especially if one is experimenting with stereotypical gay roles as Van der Nat is. The images come across as intimate and yet every now and again they also have a certain fashion or studio feel to them too. And with that intimate instant, which an instant camera captures, we are left asking who is the exhibitionist? Is it the subject or the photographer?

We reckon it is more about a fascination with beauty and the male physique. After all being well built is still an everyday part of the photographer’s life: his Amsterdam boutique Kabinet is home to an exquisite selection of vintage haute couture. ‘Mr. Polaroid’ is certainly incredibly attractive. And perhaps it will even soon become a synonym for the symbiosis of fashion portrait and nude photography. Just like the nude Yves Saint Laurent campaign with the undressed man himself. A true Mr. Polaroid.

“Mr. Polaroid” von Ferry Van der Nat . The ...

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GoSee Book Recommendation : Roe Ethridge - Sacrifice Your Body. MACK BOOKS publishes work by a renowned figure of the "New School of Synthetic Photography"

Roe Ethridge’s practice is that of a restless maverick and his constantly evolving visual sensibility has spawned a myriad of copyists in what has become known as ‘the new school of synthetic photography’. In this his latest artist book, Ethridge conflates a rich array of photographic tropes, combining personal documentary images made in western Palm Beach County, his mother’s childhood home, with surreal collage works, and a series discarded from a Chanel fashion shoot. These are interwoven with what appears to be a carefully directed scene depicting a teeth-white Durango SUV sinking into and then being retrieved from a canal. The clash of visual styles, histories and meaning establish a flatline of dissonance underscored by the touchline admonition of the neon title - SACRIFICE YOUR BODY. Ethridge's storytelling invokes a sense of discomfit akin to David Lynch’s film-making, a lucid undermining of veracity and morality and the ingrained materiality that underpins American life.

In Roe’s own words: “For the last ten years or so I have been interested in how images could function as fugue. I was initially drawn to the idea as it referred to the medical condition of the ‘fugue state’. A person in a ’fugue state’ is prone to long term amnesia usually combined with a far-flung travel. In Walker ...

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2X(I)ST by Josephine Meckseper. On show at Neuen Aachener Kunstverein

Josephine Meckseper’s work unites the aesthetic language of modernism with the formal language of commercial product display. The result is mass produced objects with images and artefacts of historic and political events combined. Meckseper’s shop window installations, large format display sculptures, pictures, photos and films draw directly on the historical influence of cultural production through consumer society, as well as on the question of when the modern and avant-garde developed to become a political and aesthetic counter movement to classicism and capitalism.

2X(I)ST the exhibition includes a stainless-steel vitrine, referencing the Modernist architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (*1886, Aachen). Meckseper’s additional wall work, made from American DIY store slatwall panels, as well as her canvases of commercial motifs borrowed from commercial imagery, such as a man dressed in underwear, further comment on and consciously elevate the status of consumer culture.

Large format installation Sabotage on Auto Assembly Line to Slow it Down, is made of a reflective platform, with three car tyres placed on a chrome conveyor belt and two films playing on stacked monitors. One film is of a cracked screen, the other a montage of militant car advertising extracts, which flooded US TV in early 2008. The work draws attention to ...

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