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STILL LIFE • Honey inspired dishes für WOMEN'S HEALTH und SCHOOL LUNCH für Highline at Huffington Post von SAM KAPLAN c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY

23.03.2017 • Still-Life Virtuose Sam KAPLAN setzte Honig inspirierte Leckereien wabenförmig und gewohnt artifiziell für die WOMEN'S HEALTH in Szene. Zudem interpretierte er das Thema SCHOOL LUNCH für Highline at Huffington Post in seiner Handschrift. Das Video und die Fotos hier bei GoSee, den Artikel zum tollen Artwork gibt es bei Huffington Post...

REVENGE OF THE LUNCH LADY by Jane Black ... Video & Photos - Sam Kaplan
In the fall of 2009, the British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver arrived in Huntington, West Virginia, which had recently been named the unhealthiest city in America. Huntingtonians were suffering in record numbers from diabetes and heart disease. They were being destroyed by the mountains of burgers and fries and nuggets that filled their restaurants, schools, refrigerators and arteries. They were fulfilling the prophecy that this generation of children would be the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Oliver had come to save them—and to film a season of his new reality show, “Food Revolution.”

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Editorial • Claudia Bruno c/o SARAH LAIRD veröffentlicht Bare Journal II

23.03.2017 • Creative Director Claudia Bruno veröffentlichte die zweite Ausgabe ihres BARE JOURNAL, ein 'culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth, an ode to the raw beauty realism and simplicity'.

Claudia Bruno leads a multidisciplinary design and branding studio based in Amsterdam and New York, providing Creative Direction and design services for international clients. Drawing on her experience as a Creative Director of iconic luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands such as at Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, Dwell Magazine, Banana Republic, Martha Stewart Living, Eddie Bauer and McGuire, Claudia’s work exudes timelessness, elegance and warmth that simultaneously feels fresh and cutting edge. Her singular aesthetic represents a dialogue with classic icons of design and photography, such as Alexey Brodovitch and Philippe Halsman with a fresh perspective that is cool and contemporary. Bruno creates artful, enduring, compelling imagery for brands that pulsates with emotion and charms with an unexpected wink. Bruno leads creative teams made up of today’s most acclaimed and...

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Editorial • Von Dior bis Louis Vuitton - Model Kinga RAJZAK c/o TFM Models in der HARPER’S BAZAAR Kazakhstan 02/17

22.03.2017 • In der Coverstory der Februar Ausgabe der HARPER’S BAZAAR Kazakhstan war das TFM Model Kinga RAJZAK zu sehen. Fotografiert wurde sie für das schöne Fashion Editorial von Paul McLean. Styling Anna Katsanis, Hair Sami Knight, Make-up Silver Branham.

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Editorial • Model Iben Sund im März-Heft der ELLE Sweden – Fotos Johnny KANGASNIEMI c/o LUNDLUND

22.03.2017 • Die schöne Dänin Iben Sund wurde von Johnny KANGASNIEMI c/o LUNDLUND für ein Fashion Editorial der ELLE Sweden geshootet. Die Produktion übernahmen L1 Productions und die Post Anna-StinaLuttren. Das Colour-Splatter-Styling kommt von Robert Rydberg, Hair Karolina Liedberg, Make-up Anya DeTobon.

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Editorial • 'Viktorianska Viskningar' - Model Julia Hafstrom in der Coverstory der ELLE Sweden, die Fotos von Andreas ÖHLUND & Maria THERESE c/o LUNDLUND

22.03.2017 • Andreas ÖHLUND & Maria THERESE c/o LUNDLUND fotografierten das schwedische Model Julia Hafstrom für die Titelstrecke der schwedischen Ausgabe der ELLE März 2017. Das Styling der gebürtigen Malmöerin stammt von Lisa LINDQWISTER, ebenfalls c/o LUNDLUND. Hair Lasse Pedersen, Make-up Ignacio Alonso.

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