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Fashion • Dunkel und floral, so wird der Winter bei BLUMARINE. Entsprechend die Kampagnenmotive von Camilla ÅKRANS c/o LUNDLUND

13.10.2015 • Die H/W Kollektion 2015 des italienischen Modelabels BLUMARINE widmet sich zur kalten Saison einem untypisch blühenden Thema und gestaltet entsprechend seine Kampagnenbilder: dunkel und floral. Hinter der Kamera: Camilla ÅKRANS, anmutig davor: Model Hollie May Saker. Das Label hierüber: The FW 2015/16 Blumarine campaign reinterprets the brand fine femininity and its romantic spirit with a graphic and dreamlike point of view. The main theme takes inspiration from a new romantic imagination, suspended between the sky and the earth. It is a dream atmosphere where the black setting is softened by the delicate flowers, which are the quintessential element of the Blumarine's beauty. The light reflects on the mirrors to underline the rich and sparkle embroideries and the texture of the dresses. The message is classic and edgy at the same time: personality before rules.

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Fashion • 100% BLOOMINGDALE'S - die Menswear-Kampagne zum Herbst 2015, fotografiert von Arnaldo ANAYA-IUCCA

13.10.2015 • Die BLOOMINGDALE'S Herbst-Kampagne 2015, eingefangen von DEFACTO-Fotograf Arnaldo ANAYA-IUCCA, war in den September-Ausgaben der führenden Modemagazine zu sehen und zeigte je Motiv einen anderen Menswear Designer von Theory bis Cavalli.

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Fashion • Zart und architektonisch, so liebt es das Schmuck-Label FLUX & SOLDER. Kollektionsbilder Frida MARKLUND

13.10.2015 • Das schwedische Schmuck-Label FLUX & SOLDER engagierte Model Andrea Schylström und die LUNDLUND-Fotografin Frida MARKLUND für die zarte Umsetzung der aktuellen Kollektionsmotive.

About - Flux & Solder is a creative collaboration between Swedish jewelry designer Sofia Holmgren and Anne Cazon Eriksson. The two met in art school and quickly discovered a shared view of what progressive design should look like today. Prior to jewelry design Anne worked as a stylist in London and Sofia has a long lived career as Sweden’s top makeup artist. Their extensive backgrounds in fashion give them a unique understanding of coming trends and the role jewelry plays for individual expression.

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Styling • Im Still-Styling-Einsatz für die COMBYNE Fashion-App: Amie BRENNAN c/o FAME-AGENCY

13.10.2015 • Ein gutes Auge und Händchen auch im Still-Bereich bewies die 'Münchner Irin' Amie BRENNAN für die Mode-App COMBYNE. Die Bilder schoss GoSee Member MAX VON TREU.

About - Combyne inspires to create amazing looks quick and easy. Swipe a carefully curated selection of current trends and vintage fashion by over 500 designers. Share your style and get feedback from other #combynistas and style icons.

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Fashion • STIEBICH & RIETH Taschen Kollektion H/W2015, inszeniert von Stephan ABRY; ausserdem Konzept und Produktion AK/KRUSE

07.10.2015 • Der Still-Life Fotograf Stephan ABRY realisierte die Motive der Herbst-Winter Taschen-Kollektion 2015 von STIEBICH & RIETH. Das Konzept und die Produktion stammen aus der Feder von AK/KRUSE.

About - STIEBICH & RIETH is a brand created in 2012 by the Hamburg-based designers Julia Rieth and Detlef Stiebich. Both have experience working for and with several major fashion companies. With STIEBICH & RIETH they returned to the roots of design: working with hands. In their words: „This gives us the chance to check and recheck every step along the way to see if it looks and feels right. Every time we find a good solution, we go even further and see where the experiment takes us.“ This leads to modern, sleek shapes, using traditional saddle making techniques. Every stitch and every seam has a function. The result is a reduced, cool and sharp signature, timeless modernity.

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Lingerie • Ellen von Unwerth fotografiert die AGENT PROVOCATEUR Kampagne - die verführerische Post Produktion stammt von One Hundred Berlin

07.10.2015 • In 2010, it was 40 years of 'Eau de Rochas', and now in 2015, the Rochas fashion house celebrates its 90th anniversary and David Bellemere photographed the advertising motif for the successful fragrance. Post production of the dreamlike motifs was in the hands of GoSee member ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

About - Eau de Rochas made several appearances in the Maison. Marcel Rochas, a visionary, asked Edmond Routniska to modernize the classic Eau de Cologne as early as 1948. Eau de Roche was born. In 1970, Hélène Rochas followed in the footsteps of her husband with talent and elegance acclaimed many times over. Under her leadership, Eau de Roche was reinvented and renamed Eau de Rochas, in the finest homage possible. Carved in rock, the Eau de Rochas bottle has eroded beneath the cascading waterfalls surging within. 45 years later, Eau de Rochas is still contemporary. It was inspired by beach pajamas, enchanting evenings on the Riviera, pretty and vivacious women; in short, an era of joy and freedom. This incredible sensation has never gone out of fashion.
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Fashion • Riley Montana als Wüsten-Beauty im MAGDA BUTRYM Lookbook F/S16. Fotos Bart POGODA

07.10.2015 • Als geheimnisvolle Wüsten-Beauty inszenierte Bart POGODA c/o AFPHOTO Topmodel Riley Montana für das MAGDA BUTRYM Fashion-Lookbook Frühjahr/Sommer 2016. Die Art Direktion übernahm Jola Aerts.

About - Magda Butrym
is a luxury ready-to-wear brand founded in 2014 by designer Magdalena Butrym and her business partner Aleksandra Halemba. Jolanta Aerts was appointed as the art director of the brand. Magda Butrym designs are dedicated to demanding women who seek unique, highest quality pieces. The brand fulfills the expectations by combining the finest fabrics available with specialized craftsmanship.

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Fashion • HERVÉ LEGER - die glamouröse Kampagne des französischen Couture-Labels stilvoll inszeniert von HUNTER&GATTI

07.10.2015 • HUNTER & GATTI inszenierten die aktuelle H/W Kollektion für die legendären Bandagen-Kleider des französischen Labels Hervé Léger. Mittels Nieten und Fransen verleiht das Must-Have-Label Models und Hollywoodstars eine perfekte Silhouette - und den Trägerinnen neugierig-neidische Blicke auf den Red Carpets. Übernommen wurde das französische Couture-Haus Hervé Léger 1988 von Max Azria, der seitdem für die Designs verantwortlich ist.

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Fashion • Mustertreu auch im Winter: das Kaschmir-Label BALLANTYNE. Kampagnenfotos Amit ISRAELI

07.10.2015 • Das italienische Kaschmir-Label BALLANTYNE engagierte AK/KRUSE Fotograf Amit ISRAELI für die visuelle Umsetzung der neuen Kampagne.

About - Ballantyne Recognized the world over for its unmistakable inlay knitwear, Ballantyne Cashmere was established in 1921 by a family with a long tradition of yarn processing. In the wake of continuous research and innovation in spinning technologies, Ballantyne has become an international landmark in the creation of luxury knitwear. Nowadays, the brand with Scottish origins and a typically British character is conquering the Russian and Asian markets and is launching a complete collection, featuring not only knitwear but an authentic manner of being, far removed from the influences and the dictates of fashion.

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Fashion • DEFACTO-Fotograf Tony Kim fotografiert für AMAZON FASHION, zwei Motive auf GoSee

07.10.2015 • Die zwei auf GoSee gezeigten AMAZON FASHION Motive von Modefotograf Tony KIM entstanden für den japansichen Markt. Details hierzu erhaltet ihr direkt bei GoSee Member DEFACTO, New York.

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