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Caroline Seidler : KID'S WEAR MAGAZINE bricolage, DIE PRESSE/SCHAUFENSTER and creative work for FALTER VERLAG

For many years, Esther GEBAUER's visualisations for KID'S WEAR MAGAZINE with Mike Meiree have rightfully gained the attention of the reader with a very colourful, specifically themed approach, using a variety of techniques.

Both traditional illustration in drawings and water paintings, paper cuts, collages and bricolage are her strong points.

Carolineseidler.com is excited about the opportunity to represent such a diverse illustrator. Esther approaches each and every assignment from her very unique perspective and the results are not only delightful to behold but also particularly valuable when it comes to editorial, cultural, design or advertising work.

Lots of courage and a self re-launch in style development resulted in Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA illustrating a fashion series for DIE PRESSE/SCHAUFENSTER. The pictures already herald in the first glances of spring.

Sarah Egberth EIERSHOLT designed the current and 24th edition of the creative publication by the Austrian communication industry. The theme: Construction Site – something we all deal with on a daily basis. The client was FALTER VERLAG, the production was supervised by Susanne Schwameis.